Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fallout 4 Urge Pacifiers

So. Fallout 4.

-runs around in circles for five minutes-

Due out in less than six months.

-looks around, runs around in circles for five more minutes-

Yea heh, its like that. For just about everybody right now who is a fan. And while its less than six months away, even that six months is going to be hell obviously so I figured I would highlight three iOS games today, all out right now that might just keep the Fallout 4 demon inside you pacified for the moment.

Fallout Shelter
Free, Universal, 200mb download, gamecenter enabled, no Internet required.

Obviously the giant in the house at the moment. Base builder, can be quite challenging if you go at it to fast... or are just unlucky. IAP is present and iap does not cross over to future vaults you build, but the iap is also readily available through random objectives (quests) you're always working on. No Cross play / cloud support so choose your device before you start playing.


.99usd, universal, 79mb download, no gamecenter, no Internet required.

This one is probably the most like Fallout, well 1 and 2 at least. Top down, turn based, rpg. Challenging, lots to do, story I'm told is somewhat short but hey, .99cents. Combat is as stated turn based with action bar, full skill trees, all sorts of fun. 

I think my favorite feature of this one is that you don't die permanently. They knock you out, loot some of your crap and then you wake up near a fire barrel usually with a chatty stranger who goes on about how he rescued you. Your stolen gear can be retrieved even, so long as you can deal with the folks who took it from you after they knocked you out last time heh.


2.99usd, universal, 30mb download, no gamecenter, no Internet required.

Action Platformer rpg in a fallout feeling environment, very cool, decent controls, Dev's are on top of things and adding community requested features periodically. I like the questing exploration system here and rebuilding the town slowly.


There are other games but those are the three most recent arrivals with a fallout vibe, enjoy :)


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