Friday, June 26, 2015

Wednesday Release Roundup

Alright, back on schedule. Oh hey very important. Toucharcade.Com is experiencing financial pains folks, the advertising just isn't paying the bills anymore and whatnot. If you'd like to help keep the number one absolute best site on the Internet for us iOS gamers alive and well, hit up their site and check out their Patron page. A little goes a hell of a long way and we definitely do NOT want to see what our gaming scene is like if we lose TA and find ourselves looking to appshopper and apples app store splash page for releases.

Another note, don't expect this post on Wednesdays anymore. I'm at work when the games release and have tightened my bandwidth allowance because at&t are greedy asshats. So no more downloading games at work Wednesday nights. Will do my best to get this post out Thursday/Friday morning from now on.

On to the Wednesday releases that I picked up.

Dragon Quest VI
14.99usd, Universal, 230mb download, no gamecenter, no internet required.

Epic scale rpg, 6th in the series from SquareEnix. Turn based rpg, huge amount of content. This appears to be a port of the 3DS version. Final part of the Zenithia trilogy.


Door Kickers
4.99usd, iPad only, 423mb download, Gamecenter enabled, no Internet required.

A more action oriented take on games like Breach & Clear. Issue orders to your people by tapping to access individual inventories or drag to give travel paths. Full pause system lets you give orders to your entire squad and then unpause to watch things play out. Can pause at will to adjust plans. Replay mode lets you watch your previous attempts on stages to improve your times and performance. Single stage and Campaign mode present. Customize your teams with weapons, armor, etc. Level yourself to earn talent points to spend on trees.

4.99usd, iPad only, 243mb download, no gamecenter, no internet required.

Rogue-a-Like. Fun little game, your a prisoner and you run across dungeon stages to reach the exit to start more dungeon stages. Along the way you deal with traps, monsters of varying sizes and types, etc. You can trick enemies in to fighting each other if their not of the same species, you can also trick them in to running into their own traps. See the huge skeleton in the above photo? I lured him in to a giant rotating spike ball trap and watched it smash him over and over and over...

As in most rogue-a-likes you earn buffs and whatnot mid adventure to improve yourself. These buffs are purchased randomly from white energy sources that cost coin you loot off everything you kill. Also like most rogue-a-likes its all lost upon death. Everything in this case, your prisoner dies and you start as a new prisoner on your next play through.


the Silver Bullet
2.99usd, Universal, 598mb download, gamecenter enabled, no internet required.

Cool game so far. Its a dual stick shooter if you want it to be. It can also be a combo movement stick / tap target lock shooter. RPG elements present, plenty of story. Zombies are always a plus. There is stealth as an option, probably used more so later on, the first stage it was useless. The touch screen controls work well here though I feel their more oriented towards the tap target lock method than traditional dual stick. Reminds me alot of Space Marshal to be honest. Plenty of upgrades to be done to the female protagonist's armor, weapons, etc. One look at her outfit and well, this ones designed by a guy meant got guys to enjoy. -watches boobs jiggle when she shoots her guns-

Oh and a random observation, I suspect 'the' in the name of this game was put there simply because silver bullet was already taken as a game name. Some sort of werewolf game. -shrugs-


Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham
4.99usd, Universal, 1.2gig download, gamecenter enabled,

Do you like Lego games?
Do you like Batman?
Did you like the last Lego Batman game to hit the app store?

If you answered yes to any two of those questions, you'll enjoy this one. From what Ive seen so far its got more depth than the original batman iOS port, its got more to do, lots of new ways of interacting with the game, definitely one of the better Lego games to hit recently.

At least their doing one batman game right, the PC release of arkham knight was so horrible they've stopped all sales. Geez.


So those are my grabs for this week. o7

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