Friday, September 21, 2012

A Tall Upgrade

Well its finally here and its in my hands and the iPhone 5 is a really impressive toy... I mean phone, yea! The phone is taller, weighs less, up to two times faster, has double the ram of its predecessor, 4g internet speeds, very very cool!

Visually, gone from the backside is the fragile glass though to be honest that bums me out a little bit. Apparently alot of people had breaking issues with it but I never did. I loved its clean look heh. Of course the finish on the i5's backside is really nice too, but its that type of material that loves finger prints just as much as it dosent want to give them up. On the i4 you could swipe your finger and the smudges were gone. On the i5 you'll probably end up getting a cloth or something. The sides are metallic but feel more rounded on the sides. The top has some sort of reduced glare built in to it. Not a overwhelmingly large reduction but it helps. Oh and the black model is literally black this time, top to bottom, no shiney silvers or polish.

The screen as we all know is a half inch taller though the phone itself not quite so much. They reduced the top bottom bezels a little bit as they increased screen size in an attempt to keep the phone from getting too much bigger. Apparently the pixels in the screen have been reworked to be brighter or some such.

Hardware specs. Apple says the processor is at least two times as fast and a few websites have reported 1gig of ram. And it shows. Everything loads fast, navigation is silk smooth, very very cool! Touch Arcade snagged asphalt 7 and loaded it on a 4s and 5. The 5 loaded 7 seconds (twice as fast) faster than the 4s.

Comfort, I was expecting it to be ackward holding this thing as a phone and when I first opened the box the height increase looked odd to my eyes but she holds fine, I no longer have a spare finger along the bottom, all my digits simply rest on the sides. Probably a good thing too, no chance of my smudging the antennaes anymore heh!

The lightning connector is really really freakin small but can fit in to the iphone5 either way you turn it. Its also a deeper connection in to the phone so the accidental cord tug popping half the old connector out days should be done and gone.

Over all this is a really really nice phone, best one from apple yet! Can't wait to see all the game studios catch up to the screen size increase. The games already making use of it are really really well improved visually, more realestate on the screen of a 3d game is always a plus. Note, games that do not yet have this support of screen size will instead have borders along the top and botton of the screen, much like watching a whidescreen movie on a tv at home. These borders are non responsive in regards to gameplay and should be treated as extra large bezels on the phone for such games.

Also of note, there is a massive list of game studios putting their games on discount to celebrate this phones arrival, here's a link to touch arcade's discount list :


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