Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little distraction...

Been a little over a week since my last post, my bad. World of Warcraft's 4th Expansion, Mists of Pandaria launched a week and a half ago and I've been knee deep in panda's, leveling, new zones, you name it. A summary? This expansion rocks. It improves the game in almost every way and with very few exceptions I am enjoying the new content emensly. The new zones are large and varied. The story rock solid. There is humor all throughout, plenty of tongue in cheek moments. They paid special attention to the cooking profession and added an actual farm where you can maintain crops and whatnot. Think farmville done right. In all honesty I wouldnt be suprised at all of zynga borrowed a few ideas blizzard put in to action with WoW's farm system for use on their freemium crap.

My only annoyance? In my humble opinion blizzard has ruined my druid for me. For the last three expansions and the original version of the game, Druids were multi taskers when using the feral spec. The only difference between a feral cat and a feral bear druid was three talent points so when dungeoning, raiding or pvping it was a quick form shift and bam good to go on another role. This changed with pandaria. They have added a fourth specialization to the druid (only class in the game with more than three), feral(kitty) and guardian(bear). In concept and in a group and when not in pvp I imagine this does very very well. The druid as a bear will be paying more attention to their damage mitigating abilities, healers will be keeping a closer eye on them too. Druid kitties don't need to worry about the 'quick, bear up, a tanks down!' as a feral kitty has no tanking ability anymore worth squat.

In solo practice? As a bear my dps is in the toilet. Everything takes for god ever to kill, period. In kitty form? I'm excessively squishy. In pvp? My enemies keep me stunned and whittle down my hit points, with pandaria the mastery for bear druids is simply more armor. No damage mitigation. No proc'ing bonuses, nothing.

So, in summary. My bear druid is very boring in solo level 90 content. My bear druid is very quickly killed in pvp situations. My bear druid is button usage heavy with what feels for me to be very little reward for my effort.

How am I handling this? Doing my dailies each day and then hoping over to my death knight who feels like she kills things 3 times faster and her mastery bonus makes her damn near invincible compared to my bear druid when at the same level.


That said, my initial craze rush for WoW is sated and I'll be spending more time on the ipad and iphone again, especially when at work on mids.


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