Sunday, October 21, 2012


Available on : PC/PS3/Xbox360

-hums along to the trailer- God that trailer never gets old, has the single best version of drunken whaler I have ever heard. On the note of game play visually it feels like bioshock meets halflife 2. Gameplay feels like those two meet thief. The missions are massive, the all have many side things to do along the way and there is absolutely no direct way about accomplishing anything. The upgrading system is a combination of cash found when on missions for standard equipment/ammunition and special 'hearts' and 'totems' for upgrading abilities like teleportation, time control and whatnot. I hear the game is about 19hrs on a normal play through. I spent about 5 hours yesterday on the first mission heh.

As I stated above, gameplay is up to you. Want to kill everyone? Go  for it. Want to be the ultimate good guy and kill no one, knock yourself out. Me? I kill when forced, avoid / pickpocket my way through most, knock out those I can and explore every damn inch of every stage!

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