Thursday, November 1, 2012

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So much for my sleep / work schedule tonight, oh well I was having chest pains for most of the afternoon and decided to get some rest. The pain is much subsided so I'm not too worried. Besides, the pain mysteriously began shortly after my brother and I decided that we were 2 and a 1/2 seasons behind on family guy and started a hulu-a-thon. Cried many times from laughing so hard, it rocked :)

On topic, I have a bazillion games on the iOS and probably 1/10th of them installed on the ipad atm due to room constraints but here's the ones recently added to my stable.
.99cents, universal, 310mb, gamecenter enabled, ios5.0 or later required. Think star fox in our hands, nuff said. Seriously, I'm not going to go further in to it, this rocks. iap present and optional.
2.99, universal, 240mb, gamecenter enabled, ios4.3 or later required. This is the third title in the ibomber universe but the first to break away from the tower defense genre of the first two. You are on the attack, you  work your way across massive stages blowing everything up and in general kicking ass! Reminds me of an old 8bit nintendo game that... damn it whats the name of that game. Now its song is stuck in my head. -goggles- Ah hah, Jackal :) Man, that needs to show up on my 3ds. Anyways... solid game here, great gameplay, check it out. There's a lite version on the app store, check the above link and look at related sidebar. iap present and optional.
1.99, universal, 436mb, gamecenter enabled, ios4.3 or later required. Zombies rock. Period. This is a fps survival title, stage based, varying missions, decent graphics, dual stick and tap controls, talent point system for upgrading everything, love it :) iap present and optional.

I'll look in to reviewing one or more of those as the week goes by. My WoW and Skyrim addictions are mellowing out finally heh.


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