Friday, November 2, 2012

Vita : Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Take gran turismo, add in a splash of need for speed most wanted(psp), toss in a dash of midnight club: la, mix it all up and you have a game that while incredibly fun dosent quite beat any of the three. Important, I said incredibly fun. And it is, I am enjoying myself a whole lot here. There are lots of cars, the graphics are amazing, controls do their job nicely, the music isn't offensive and there feels like plenty to do here to keep me busy for a long while.

Gran Turismo Influence
. Graphics, the turismo on the psp has the flat out best graphics of any racer on sony's handhelds to date and this game definitely takes that and runs. The graphics are one step behind the concole counterparts to this game, same with visual vehicle damage.
. Upgrades, the lack of visual customization reminds me of turismo. In this game you don't actually buy any of your upgrades. Each race in the game rewards certain upgrades depending on how you place, once you earn the upgrade, you simply choose it from a menu and walla, upgrade complete. There's no garage in this game, everything happens on the fly in the game.

Need for Speed most wanted (psp) Influence
. The ranking system. You race against random folk, accumulate enough points, unlock a new top 10 most wanted person, race them. Where this differs is 1, you dont have to race to earn points. Smash things, hit cars, jump ramps, escape the police, smash billboards, etc all earn rep points. 2, After you beat your opponent in a legitimate race, you then have to total their car inorder to earn said car and advance up the ranking.

Midnight Club: LA Influence.
. Illegal racing, open city streets, massive city to wander around, pedestrian traffic. Where this differs, the pedestrians are morons. If youre stopped in the middle of the street surfing menus and a pedestrian car comes up, he will not stop. He will ram you, smash the crap out of your car, wail on his horn and rage till you move. Similar thing happens if a cop cruises up except he'll rage and then arrest you.

So anywho.

The story is short and simple. You race around the city making a mess of everything, winning and what not. You earn points. When your points surpases the 10th place person, you unlock them for racing against. When you beat them, you then literally beat them till you total their car. Once this happens, you earn their car and rise up the ranks. Rinse, repeat, walla. Thats all you need to know. There isnt a whole lot of story here folks, just a whole lot of really fast racing.

Visuals. Gorgeous graphics, no real visual framerate issues, amazing scenery. As stated above the graphics are a step behind the consoles but leaps and bounds beyond the gameloft racing games which are its only current competition on the vita. Vehicles take visual damage as you abuse them but actual parts havent fallen off so far. Once you load in to the city you will only see loading screens for races and car changes. Crusing around generates no loading screens.

Gameplay. Race cars. Smash Cars. Jump things. Run from police. Upgrade Vehicles.Thats what you do here. The menu system is straight forward. Right arrow key brings down the menu where you choose from your unlocked cars, make upgrades, choose races, etc. The map is fully detailed, takes a moment or two to load though. Vehicle upgrade unlocks are singular to the vehicle you unlocked them in. Unlocked nitrous on your masariti, want to drive your tesla around? you'll need to unlock the nitrous there too.

Sound. A blend of modern music types, nothing annoying. Vehicles have unique sounds to their engines. Nirtous sounds a bit weak.

Fun Factor. I'm really enjoying myself. The game falls a bit short of topping any of the titles I referenced above. Turismo is a better simulator. Midnight Club is a better street racer. Need for Speed Most Wanted (psp), well I stand corrected. This game tops every need for speed thats ever been on a psp. I'll keep playing this game until rockstar puts out a new midnight club. God I'd love a new midnight club.


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