Tuesday, November 6, 2012

iOS : iBomber Attack

Univeral, 99cents, 240mb, Gamecenter Enabled, Dual Stick Shooter

Imagine for a moment, if you were the attacking force in any tower defense title you've ever played. More than that, your one sole unit trying to make your way across the well defended battlefield of your enemy. Thats what this is. The first two iBomber titles were defense genre, you placed your turrets, upgraded them, dealt with wave after wave of incoming enemy forces and in general made life a living hell for the enemy force trying to wipe you off the map.

iBomber Attack puts you on the offensive, no more will the enemy attack your bases! You are taking the attack to them! You control one sole tank that is equipable with everything from flamethrowers to bomb strikes and gatlinguns and back again. On top of that the tank is fully upgradeable with a badge currency earned from completing missions. You start at one side of a battlemap and work your way across, left analog controls where you go, right analog controls where you shoot. Default weapon is the cannon with unlimited ammo, optional weapons are bottom middle of screen and selectable. The selected weapon replaces whats fired with the right analog stick. Each mission has primary and secondary objectives as well as intel to collect and plenty of enviroment to destroy along the way. In between missions you will spend your earned badges upgrading the tank to make it harder to hit, faster, harder hitting, etc and you'll spend gold earned on ammunition for special attacks and special weapons. IAP is here but it is entirely optional, no iBomber title has ever forced the IAP in any fashion.

Sounds are explosive, music is patriotic, controls work well though I wouldn't mind a bit more control over how fast I move around. Its a bit too easy to go from full stop to full throttle and a bit too difficult to find the slow speed. Two difficulties are present and the only difference is how hard the enemy hits. Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements are enabled, not many achievements but they do reward plenty of points and none are overly difficult to obtain.

There are 24 very large stages, the game beings back some heavy nostalgia for me from the old days of the 8bit nintendo, a game called Jackal. God I'd love to see that show up on my 3ds eventually. Here's a video of that old game in action :

I got unhealthy amounts of gameplay in to that game as a kid, I'd play it right now if it were available. -hums along to the song-

Anywho, iBomber Attack. iBomber Attack, great game, worth the pennies asked, controls spot on, music enjoyable, plenty of explosions, get it now.

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