Sunday, February 7, 2016

Greedy Cave

Greedy Cave
.99usd, 70mb download, gamecenter enabled, online optional.

Ok so Greedy Cave, GC is a rogue-a-like with an art style that harkens from Don't Starve. What this means is you go in to the dungeon, go as far in as you can, either scroll portal out or die, return to town and do it all again. Most things wont be coming back with you either but near nothing comes back if you die so do try and use a scroll heh. What does come back :

. You
. Your level
. Your experience points
. Your gold
. Your talent tree
. Any gear or items of 'gold quality'

Things to do in town are as follows :

. Store things in your chest
. Tavern is a online hub for developer, game and community
. Blacksmith lets you feed older gear in to newer gear to level it up and also lets you shuffle around stats on your equipment
. At the old lady you can buy single use potions that improve your experience on your next run, buy gear and use the spin wheel to receive random awards. The spin wheel is also a daily login system, fill in the meter at the bottom for an extra award. The old lady sells talent tree resets and more!
. The bulletin board lets you turn in completed quests, clear completed achievements and view leaderboards.
. At the dungeon portal the guard tells you how many players have died in the dungeon so far and lets you switch between normal and hard dungeons. The portal itself has all 100 stages separated in groups of 10. As you reach the 10th floor you unlock a quick travel to that point for future use.

When you enter the dungeon, no matter the level you enter on you will first be greeted by a merchant who sells grey gear, potions and upgrade materials. Inside the dungeon this game is pretty part for course rogue a like. You can see all your enemies, engage who you can as you choose, combat is a straight forward smack smack at least until you start learning usable abilities in the talent tree. Things to keep an eye out for :

. Chests, they have loot!
. Vases, they also have loot!
. Enchanting Table, you'll use this to add additional useful attributes to your gear
. Gold Shrine, turn any gear, weapon or material to gold so that it sticks with you when you leave the dungeon.
. Escape Scrolls are found in chests and vases, find one! If you don't you won't be able to escape the dungeon. Its been my observation that there is always a scroll and its always within the first three floors of any dungeon level you start at so loot every single thing till you find it.
. Blue and Red potions heal you, also found in chests and vases.
. Reveal Scrolls open the entire current stages map.

Progression. As you kill things you will gain experience points. As you gain experience you will level up. Leveling up grats you attribute points that you spend on that main stats. Every so many of these level ups you will earn the right to select an ability, your always presented with two choices and you can only choose one.

IAP present are typical iap currency packs though lots of this currency is also earned from quest completing, achievement completing and randomly on the old lady's spin wheel.

I'm really enjoying this game which i rare as I don't normally dig rogue-a-like's (i like keeping all the damn loot I find in my rpgs!). There's just enough complexity to make me ponder various enchantments but the game is streamlined enough that I can just absentmindedly go at it for hours on end. I love the art style and the character creation screen allowed me to make a suitably miserable looking little guy (you'd be miserable too if you didnt get to bring back all your damn loot! heh.). I like that in town I can see random other players characters wandering around, gives the town a busy feel.

Worth the price of entry at .99usd, two thumbs up here! o7

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