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Space Miner Wars

Space Miner Wars
Free, 100mb download, gamecenter enabled, online connection required.

Space Miner Wars is the spiritual successor to Space Ore Bust, just with online requirements and a loose Clash of Clans behavior to it. The main differences here are several and significant. Lets look at them quickly. Note, This game has been out for awhile but I never reported on it and so here is my impressions on it in its current state.

. No army to manage. Literally, when you attack another player or go in to the pve content, your just flying your personal ship.
. Significant PvE content. The PvE side of this game blows away CoC's offering mining, rescuing stranded ships, escort duties, etc.
. No random pvp mechanic. This is more like Boom Beach where the PvE map also generates random player targets of a similar skill to your own. You can refresh to change them for a ingame currency fee if you like or ignore them entirely.
. This game is much more playable than CoC for those not interested in PvP. A player attacking you wins say... 300k gold, you lose 30k tops. Extremely fair on both parties, getting attacked by other players feels like tiny scratches at most and both ingame resources are fairly readly available via pve content.
. If your ship gets blown up on a pvp or pve map, you bring nothing home. This is important. This means when you go on to a map whether its a pve or pvp one you need to watch your shields and armor and you need to get the hell out when you run low.

Honestly, this is probably the most fare, engaging and enjoyable CoC clone I've ever played (and that's saying a lot because I've played most of them heh). Other players can only nibble at your resources, there's lots to keep you busy in the PvE side of things, the fact that your just one ship really in my opinion streamlines the whole PvP mechanic. No hundred different strategies for building your armies, you just go in, decide what your after and attempt to get it.

Lets look at the actual things to do :
. Build your base. This one is obvious. Your going to build resource producers, storage buildings, main base, all sorts of things. I'll quickly run down the unique ones to this game.
.. Research Lab is where you will craft equipment for your ship, reprocess old equipment and chance upgrade equipment to further improve your ship.
.. Spaceport is where your 4 to 8 ships will be stored. There are four tiers of ship in this game, each tier has a ship more oriented towards mining and a ship geared more for combat. Honestly though, both ships work fine in each tier, the mining one has more armor and more automated turrets, the combat one moves faster and has more forward facing guns (more controlled dps).
.. Observatory, the more you upgrade it, the more of the map you unlock (which results in more things to do on the map).
.. Galactus Traders, here's where you will upgrade your ships individual components. Guns, shields, collectors, engines, etc.
.. There isn't a whole lot of asthetic design thought in to the layout of your base. This is typical of most CoC styled games, you want to defend your resources so surround them with guns, walls and other buildings to slow down the attacking player.

. The brunt of your time in game is spent on the map which is expanded by upgrading the Observatory.
.. Early on there is a solid storyline which actually continues off the footsteps of Space Ore bust.
.. Mining Sectors spawn randomly and will be full of asteroids, npc droids to kill, random ships to loot etc. This is where you will go for gold, scrap, ship components, etc.
.. Mining Outposts are bases you can take over and control, doing so earns you idle income that's stored at your base. These outposts are periodically taken over by npc's and you should always take them back. Note, if you don't think your going to clear out the outpost in the time limit warp out. You can always come back in and the base will be just as you left it.
.. Mission : Comms bouys. In this pve mission you are reactivating satellites and dealing with hostile npcs.
.. Mission : Defend a VIP. In this pve mission your protecting that "Defy the Cosmos!" guy while he flies around looking at things.
.. Mission : Fend off Deadly Pirates. In this pve mission you'll be defending satellites from attacking npcs.
.. There are two other types of missions not on my map at the time of writing this, one involves rescuing folks floating in space and the other involves collecting cargo that got left out in open space.
. All activities on the map respawn to the count of 1 of each per hour. You can also watch videos to speed this up or pay iap currency.
.. All missions award either gold or scrap as well as iap currency for completing.

There are daily bonuses for logging in. For simply logging in you receive a object that turns in to a actual place on the map once you collect four pieces of it. This bonus map activity is always very rewarding and should always be done as soon as it appears. Additionally there is always a daily objective that rewards iap currency, complete a mining stage, complete a mission stage or complete a pvp stage. Its random.

What else...
. Your PvP score determines the difficulty of players who appear on your map as well as the players who see and attack you.
. You do not earn shields when a player attacks you, this is balanced out by how little you actually lose when a player does attack you.
. Scraps and Gold earned from outposts do not go directly in to your Storage buildings, their temporarily placed in a holding building and you have to tap on them to properly store/use them.
. Joining Guilds is highly recommended, but its also highly recommended that you find a active one. What happens is the guild idly generates a stash of gold and scrap that you receive a personal share of each day. This share is determined by the Mining guild buildings level and the more guild mates mine asteroid field stages the higher this share is. This is the only benefit currently to joining an actual guild so if your in a dead guild, you might as well not be in one at all.
. Most guilds will want you to maintain a certain minimum of pvp score, this does nothing to be honest for the guild aside from put it on the games leaderboard. Most guild leaders use this to prune out the inactive players.

So, all that said I really do enjoy this game. The developers have listened well to the fan base and changed the game significantly since its original release. There used to be an energy bar that was consumed from doing any pve or pvp stage. There used to be cargo space on ships. Both removed based on player feed back.

My progress report. I'm level 41, I average a pvp score of 1300 to 1700 at all times. I own a tier 4 combat model ship but am not flying it yet because my tier 3 is fully upgraded and performs most things better. My headquarters is level 11 and most upgrades cost in the  2 to 3 million range heh. Everyone should definitely take a look at this one, its in my opinion one of the most fare and engaging coc clones out there.


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