Friday, April 5, 2013

iOS : In the news

A few friday headlines worth mentioning.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is on its way this month. For those not in the know, its a diablio 3 clone for our handhelds. The good news is that 4 will have an actual storyline, unlike 3 which was simply arena based combat. The bad news is mixed depending on your stance regarding freemium. Like 3, 4 will be free to play. I keep an open mind personally regarding iap and freemium in my games. Fingers crossed that Gameloft gets it right this time.

Until I read about the following, it never occured to me that Wii games would find a good home on our handhelds... but House of the Dead: Overkill (zombie rail shooter) is coming to the iOS soon. Can never have enough opportunities to shoot zombies I always say, so bring it! Brings to question though, how many other Wii titles would we love to see on our handhelds? Tilt controls, check, touch controls, yep. I bet alot of those lonely on the shelf Wii games would find more use in our pockets.

Real Racing 3 is about to get its first update. Coming with the download are the Cobalt SS and Camaro SS along with about 100 more races and a new play mode called Hunter. Oh and Cloud save which apparently supports cross platform over iOS and Android. I'm suprised the Corvette didn't make this Chevy package to be honest but, oh well. Maybe next update.

Vendetta Online, space based mmo shooter thats already on the pc, xbox, ps3 and android platforms will be arriving on the iOS soon. Gameplay is similar to Galaxy on Fire, just with lots of other players heh. When it hits the game will run .99cents for 30 days play and then 1buck a month subscription model there after. I wish them luck, to my knowledge every other mmo on our handhelds has eventually gone freemium.

And those are the articles that stuck to mind. -puts on Fallout Boy's new single-

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