Thursday, April 4, 2013

iOS : Slayin

I actually downloaded 4 games tonight, but one turned out to have no achievements (boo!) and the other turned out to be another endless runner clone with even more IAP encouragement than normal. Here's the other new release that I grabbed today that is still on my ipad.

.99cents, 15mb, universal

Think 8bit nintendo era side view action game with rpg elements. This game is really simple. Left arrow and right arrow do their thing. Big circle jumps. How do you attack? let the tip of your weapon touch the enemy. No blocking, no dodging, just your skills at jumping and poking heh. There are lots of quests unique to each class you can play and they unlock three at a time and are goals you need to reach to earn fame. Fame is spent unlocking additional characters, game interface appearance, that sort of thing.

As stated above, graphically and sound wise this is an 8bit nintendo game. Feels like one too. Things get REALLY hectic the further you survive heh. You gain experience by killing things, killing things levels you up, leveling up unlocks bosses and more challenging portions of your endless run.

Nothing is saved aside from fame earned between each play session so every time you hit play you start level 1 and fighting silly things. Well unless you purchase certain upgrades like level advancers and whatnot, all via ingame currency. There is a iap vendor in the tavern but he isnt offensive in price or pressure.

All in all, worth the penies asking price, enjoy :)