Friday, April 5, 2013

PC\Console : Metro Last Light

Metro : Last Light is in its 45 day release window, and that means pre-order availablity is springing up everywhere. PC users via steam get the limited edition free as a pre-order bonus. 

Ranger Mode - Experience complete immersion. No HUD. Less bullets. Brutal Combat. Hardcore.
Modified Russian Rifle - A compact but deadly Russian assault rifle, perfect for claustrophobic combat.
Extra Military Grade Bullets - Coveted for their ability to kill, these bullets are also the currency of the Metro. Will you use them in battle or purchase precious resources? The choice is yours.
Metro Last Light Digital Comic - Created by Dmitry Glukhovsky

Metro 2033 was a survival shooter that told a story of post apocalyptic russia, humanity living in the metro tunnels, monsters, rival gangs, etc. Very story driven. Very very good. Very under advertised. Hopefully Last Light gets the attention it actually deserves.

I love the first Metro. It sucks you in soooo completely in to its lore and the enviroments feel so real that you feel like you are a part of everything and its scary as hell because of that. Everyone should pick up the first one, probably discount priced everywhere at this point.

Totally worth it.

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