Sunday, January 5, 2014

-blows dust off blog-

Man its been awhile, one never realizes how much time has passed until returning to a forgotten project heh. I always mean to keep this up and running and never seem to do so. I'm flakey like that, always easily distracted by something else. Entirely too indecisive as well, never can make up my mind. Take this blog for example. I post game commentary on two facebook pages, a forum, in a friends podcast and here. Focus... focus... heheh.

Anywho, holidays are clear, fresh year brings with it fresh resolutions. In regards to gaming I made three resolutions and they are as follows:
. Play more games that I buy. I have a habbit of eye candy shopping and then never even bothering to play the damn game I bought.
. Finish more games that I play. Continuation of the above bad habit, I'm always distracted by some new game and very rarely finish a game I start.
. Third resolution is for this blog. Minimum of one update every week, for the entire year.

Number three is a hefty goal, but given the variety of gaming I'm involved in and the variety of platforms my blog here covers I'm nervously confident that I'll be able to accomplish this one. Number one I'm sure I can accomplish, I'll just play every game the second its downloaded. Number two... makes me more nervous than any other.

-fingers crossed-

So, recap of what this blog will cover.
. PC
. Vita
. 3DS
. iOS
. Consoles.

I grouped the consoles because I honestly don't see a whole lot of coverage there coming from me. I prefer my games on the go and its more and more difficult to justify consoles when I have an epic and portable pc and the handhelds get more and more powerful every year. We'll see where that goes.

Anywho, thats the jist of this entry. Actual game stuff to follow.


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