Sunday, January 5, 2014

What I'm up to... (tv shows)

Bit of tv shows, lot of gaming, you know... the important stuff. Just a quick warning before you read any further. I don't see any form of 'spoiler' tag / block / hiding options on so don't read any further unless you want a whole lot of spoilers.

TV Shows and my thoughts on them
. Supernatural. Angels are staking territory on earth, alot of bloodshed and Castel is angel powered once again. I still think this series is going to end with Sam and Dean rebreaking the seal on the prison holding Micheal and Lucifer and then Lucifer is going to deal with his side while Micheal reopens heaven. Dosent matter what 'spell' is keeping heaven's doors closed, Right hand of God has probably got the chutzpah to kick it down. As for Crowley, I think he's intentionally tapping the prophets blood to gain abit of forsight.
. Revolution. I see they figured a non spirital way of explaining Aaron's new found powers and I figured it likely that the little bots would of found some form of self intelligence. I watch this show lightly to be honest, way to many side swapping and whatnot going on. I think their still trying to refind the awesome that was the last two episodes of season one.
. The Following. Nuff said. I can't wait to see how they top season one.
. Family Guy. Everyone needs a good laugh hah! They say they always intended for Brian to come back, I think the public's negative outcry regarding Brian's death forced the show to do a 180.
. Sleepy Hollow. Icabod finds out what became of his son though given Icabod's ability to get up out of a grave and whatnot suggests his Son will reappear in the series at some point. They released a golem, they killed the golem, the golem killed pretty much everyone who ever wronged Icabod's son first.
. Agents of Shield. Well thats one hell of a holiday season end, can't WAIT to see Colsen's 'death/ressurection' explained. Loved the turn around of the villian from the first episode, hope the stabilized syrum in him was enough to keep him in one piece during the explosion...
. Arrow. More dc comic super heroes abound woot! Psst, the geek is flash. Alot of Arrows past comes to light whether he likes it or not, I believe we now know the outcome of everyone from his flashbacks. Finally someone gave Arrow a mask, bout time.
. Dracula. I am really loving the scheming an plotting going on in this series! Its interesting watching familiar characters in a fresh original take on the story. Just watched latest episode today, pretty much Dracula/Grayson's entire world gets tossed on its head from his persuit of humanity, refusal to entertain his vampire side, the Order's total shutdown of Grayson's free energy scheme (well played btw, order. well played) and Mina. Mina... man.
. Almost Human. The show continues to impress and Dorian manages to prove just how annoying he can be. Good twists, solid episode.
. The Simpsons. I watch it out of habit, isn't nearly as funny as it was a dozen seasons ago though.
. South Park. Confession, prior to two weeks ago I had only watched three episodes of this show, ever. The World of Warcraft one, the Facebook one and the Guitar Hero one. After I read about the xboxone vs ps4 three parter where the kids choose sides and went to war Game of Thrones style I've sense watched this entire season and am now working on the season before.

Those are what I'm actively watching on hulu. Sure there are other greats out there, but not available on hulu so bummer.


Lisa Wagner said...

Finally!! They have been teasing us with the Colsen back story for way too long. I've been sliding a little on that show, but this last episode has drawn me back in.

taeles said...

Ahh yea I totally can't wait.