Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eve Online

Eve Online
I spend my weekdays up in high security space, caldari state area parked at a level four mission agent for the caldari navy corporation. Run afew missions a day if so inclined, just working standings and whatnot. All the real money is down south in Providence. Providence is a nullsec region, meaning its completely player owned and there is potential player versus player conflict around every corner. But because its a nullsec region all the npc kills and asteroid belts and well everything is highly highly profitable. To the note of me making 700 million in bounties last weekend only playing casually.

So that said, I prefer nullsec but go to high sec because its just not safe down in nullsec during the work week.

Anywho, clone jumped down to my nullsec system in providence, pulled out my 750 million estimated navy scorpion and went to killing npc baddies. Got about an hour in to my romph when about 15 hostiles entered the system. Now my first reaction is to dock at the systems station, and to be honest its something I need to train myself out of. Why? Well exactly what happened is why. I warped to station and when you warp to a station or a gate 90% of the time you arrive a kilometer or so from the object you want to use. In this case I arrived 700 meters from the station which... is where all 15 hostiles had gone. What they decided to do was as a group quickly go to the station and wait for all the carebears like me to drop what we were doing and head to station soon as hostiles arrived in system.

I arrived 700meters from the station, all 15 of them pounced on me. Locked down my engines, guns, everything and then blew me up. So much for that 750 million dollar ship. Ahh well, I have a basic ship in station as well, valued around 200million. When I get back in game later, I'll work with that. I will say this though, every time I lose a tech 2 or faction ship in space... which my navy scorpion was the ladder I am reminded why I really shouldn't be flying those ships down in nullsec to begin with. Check this out. A navy issue scorpion battleship costs anywhere from 500 to 800 million depending on the market (which is entirely player run, everything is player made or looted). You can insure your ship so that a loss isnt a total loss but the insurance system in eve online is based off the tech 1 versions of any ship being insured. So... a standard issue scorpion battleship is worth about 100 million. I had max insurance on my 750 million dollar navy scorpion, and when it blew up my insurance payout was.... yep 70 million. Tech 2 and faction ships are extremely good at what you want them to do. My navy scorpion did everything my standard raven does... only better in all regards. But... at a steep price cost should/when it is lost.

Its just a game though and I do have the raven down there so I'll just make the entire loss back in a day or so and continually try to force my self to ignore the temptation to bring the big shiney toys down there to providence. After all, the standard versions of those ships do almost as efficient a job and only cost a fraction the price tag.

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