Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Damn it, too many games, too many distractions. Lets see...

Final Fantasy 4: The afteryears just went on sale and historically square enix always puts their latest final fantasy outting on sale right as the next final fantasy hits the app store. -stares hopefully at japan's release of ff6 afew weeks back-

Eve Online : The single largest battle took place monday morning through tuesday early hours, 18 hour battle. To put this in perspective, this battle lost over 70 titans. The second largest? 10. has all the details and outcome reports and even a decent video.

Bardbarian : update hit, all bugs on my screen fixed, woo hoo! This'll probably end up being my game of the month.

I've taken Black Flag from 55% to 84% completion, yarr!

There's alot of really interesting games hitting the app store tonight, I'll definitely update when they arrive.

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