Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whats on TV

Caught up on my shows.

Supernatural : Best episode of this season yet, everyones their very best you find out exactly who the angel is who is in Sam, why this angel was in prison too. Crowley is hilarious, useful and proves that hell still fears him, with good reason.

Revolution : Good episode, story progresses all round.

Family Guy and Simpsons were both boring.

Sleepy Hollow : Find out why the misfit sister was in prison all those years, find out how connection to this whole mess and witness this shows take on exorcisms. Very cool special effects...

Agents of Shield : Character development, story progression, worth watching.

Dracula : AWESOME! Go watch it!

Almost Human : Hilarious and great, solid episode!

There we go, kept the spoilers out and gave my recommendations. Go watch all of them on hulu except family guy and simpsons, those were really boring.


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