Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Alien: Isolation

Just unveiled today, Sega has a new alien game up its sleeves and unlike colonial marines, isolation looks much more promising. Where colonial marines focused on the second movies way of alien hordes and marine assault rifles isolation is from the perspective of the first movie.

Just you
Just one alien
No guns, rifles, grenades or flame throwers.

It looks scary as hell and that's something I'm personally looking forward to. I haven't sat on the edge of my seat jumping at a game since dead space 1 and fear 1.

The story as we know it. Amanda Ripley, Ellen's daughter is in her twenties when the corporation brings news to her that the black box recorder from the Nostromo has been found at a large trading station and they would like Amanda to join a team their sending to recover it. What they find when they get there is that the big unpleasant alien from the first movie that apparently didn't die when Ellen turned her ships engines on it is still alive, in the trade station and eating civilians.

So. Civilian station. One alien. No/Very few guns.

Damn I can't wait!

Also feels like the latest tomb raider to me... Looking forward to more info :) oh and this one is strictly single player.

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