Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PS3 Controller for my iPad Air?!

Happy monday everyo.... wait, its tuesday. Federal Holiday. Ok, happy annoying day already almost over. I don't like tuesdays. Mondays are first day of the week. Wednesdays are half way to victory. Thursdays are the day before victory. Fridays, check! Tuesdays though? Tuesdays suck. You hear that tuesday? I hate you.

But thats not the subject of this blog entry. A day or so back a wonderous thing happened to the iOS gaming community! Back when iOS 7 hit, apple gave the industry an entire suite of controller support options official like. This means game developers could easily add any or all of the configurations apple offers officially to their games. And controller manufacturers could easily select from 3 or 4 controller layouts and go with it. Win, win. And in the last four months 180 games have jumped on the controller bandwagon and 4 controllers have been released with at least 4 more in development.

But... I don't like any of the current controllers. Three of them are iphone only and the fourth looks like a xbox 360 controller but only about 60% the size of an xbox 360 controller. And I have really big thumbs. So naturally to date the controller thing with the iOS hasn't been of any real interest to me. Until a day or so ago. Yesterday to be exact.

What? What?!

ps3 controller, bluetoothed to my ipad air? Finally, a reason after five years to jailbreak again. Last time I jailbroke a device was back before at&t allowed hotspotting/tethering. Once they allowed it, all my devices since have been on the up and up official wise. Until today. I've jailbroken my ipad air. Connected the ipad and the ps3 controller, and it is glorious! Fast reaction speeds, soooooo much fun to be had. Here's how you do it :

(note, make sure your able to jailbreak! that link above specficially states "Note: Again, this jailbreak is only compatible with compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4. That means it won’t work on the AppleTV or any devices running iOS 6.x. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you backup your device using iCloud or iTunes. And for those of you who have updated via OTA, you’ll want to back it up in iTunes and do a full restore before applying evasi0n7."

1, Download evasi0n from http://evasi0n.com/ to your computer.
2, Plug your idevice in to your computer.
3, Run it as administrator.
4, Follow the instructions on evasi0n.
5, Once its finished go in to cydia, find 'controllers for all', buy it. You'll need an amazon or paypal account to do so and cydia will also require that you make an account with them.
6, Once you install controllers for all, on your computer go to http://orikad.com/sixpair_instructions.html and install sixaxispair on your computer.
7, With your i device and your ps3 controller both plugged in to your computer, run sixpairaxis.
8, Disable bluetooth.
9, Settings -> General -> Bluetooth, type that long code in to the sispairaxis prompt and hit update then once done hit close.
10, find a ios game that supports ios7 controllers, launch it. hit the ps3 main button on the controller once in game, enjoy.

Note, its not my fault if you break your idevice and I highly recommend you backup in advance to be safe. But beyond that, it is quick, painless and worked for me. evasi0n failed to complete one time, i closed it, rebooted the ipad, relaunched evasi0n and smooth there on out. You will have to keep bluetooth turned off when using your ps3 controller because its technical and i don't know the specifics but basically you can't use both at the same time.

Yep, it works, very well too heh. Enjoy :)

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