Friday, January 24, 2014

Game Updates

This year is off to a good start, I've already 'beaten' two games. Two more to go and I'll have beaten last years record, sad I know.

Angry Birds Go!
All four chapters finished, all birds unlocked. In the end I spent 5 bucks on the coin doubler and 2 on the jenga mini game. Observations follow :

. Unless you plan on spending real money on the iap currency cars, just burn those iap gems you earn throughout your game play on ingame coins. The price tags on the iap currency cars are way to high to realistically safe up for. I'd suggest either spending them all on upgrades in the fourth chapter or use them to get you in to a car at the beginning of each chapter as you go.
. Fourth chapter is a grind, you'll be spending alot of time repeating win-able missions. This is a racing game however and grinding is to be expected.
. The very final bird unlock is probably the easiest bird unlock in the game once you understand one very important thing : the things he drops behind him are not to be avoided. Hit them all. They are speed boosts that stack.
. At time of completion, my fourth chapter car was missing 3 upgrades.
. Unless you can handle hard difficulty in versus (not likely unless you iap/real money buy your cars), just go in to the normal race mode against 5 opponents. Pay out there is better than medium versus if you include coins and whatnot.

Assassin's Creed Pirates
All current chapters main storylines complete, currently sitting in a 100k price tag pirate ship with great stats. Observations :

. One of the 100% sync requirements for assassination side missions changes in the later stages. It become 'kill with only mortar shots'.
. The final chapter on the travel map isnt available right now, coming soon.
. Cash flow from grinding side missions ramps up dramatically in later stages.

Both games I still have a whole lot of achievements to persue, no rush though. Too many other games staring me down heh.


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