Sunday, April 12, 2015

Corridor Z

Corridor Z by Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.

Endless runner in reverse.

The whole thing works oddly enough. You are three survivors locked in a high school. Why are you locked in there? Because the military locked it up to contain the virus naturally. Teacher, Cheerleader and Soldier. The overall goal is to escape the school and you will be doing it from class room to class room as you three make your way across the school. At each point in the school the three survivors in your care have multiple objectives. Complete all the objectives on a character to move them to the next classroom. Reaching classrooms unlocks run perks and better weapons. Cash earned from objectives and runs is spent on consumable works and weapon upgrades.

Game play wise you are facing the survivor you choose and they are running towards you with zombies chasing I'm the background. Swiping against shelves and barrels knocks them over, swiping on roof pipes brings them down, weapons on the ground picks them up and turns are preceded by green arrow signs on walls. When you have a weapon you tap to shoot. You need to slow the zombies down because they are faster than you.

If you last long enough the environment changes, it's nicely done visually and controls work well. I've survived the football team heh.

The reverse camera makes this a much more difficult runner than most I've encountered, never quite enough time for me to react heh.

Still, the games fun so far and there are Lots and lots of ways for me to snag currency via videos and offers without dropping a dime. Only dime I dropped so far was for a coin doubler heh.

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