Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the ever rare ever elusive... Premium release week. All have premium price tags, two (devious and crawlers) have optional iap. None have a online requirement. All have game enter achievements. Enjoy :)

Sorry for the lack of updates last week, was in a rut of sorts. There were quality games released, I'll fit them in over the next few days. o7

Action adventure game. Prince Charming shows up to save the princess, runs off with the gold instead. She gets pissed, summons a dragon and tears across the countryside. Simple controls, finger press to dig, finger release to go up. Smashing things and eating nights plus distance traveled earn coin you spend on upgrading your dragon, your weapon and special abilities. No iap.

Dragon Hills by Cezary Rajkowski


Action plat former with equipment and exp/rpg system. Dungeons are randomly generated, boss fights every few levels. New to the sequel are bounty monsters, random but very rewarding to kill. Quests give decent boosts to coin. Coin is spent on weapons. Armor, permanent potions and trinkets. Iap is optional but includes coin doublers and currency packages. Not necessary though.

Devious Dungeon 2 by Ravenous Games Inc.


Turn based tactical rpg. This means you find monsters, you take turns smacking monsters with your party members, then monsters take turns smacking your heroes. This goes on until one side wins. Explore dungeons, collect loot, buy new gear, gain exp, learn new abilities and spells. This is pretty much the dungeons and dragons we played around a table with friends as kids, just in this case your playing by yourself. Iap present in the form of currency packs.

Dungeon Crawlers Metal by Ayopa Games LLC


Dual stick action rpg in a high sci-fi setting. Earth was abandoned years ago, your back with a crew to explore and investigate. Left side stick controls movement. Buttons on right side control attacks, dodges, special abilities and shooting. Earn exp as you fight, complete missions, loot ability upgrades, lots of potential here. Mifi controller support! Visually sharp, controls spot on. No iap.

Implosion - Never Lose Hope by Rayark Inc.


First person shooter in space! Trade goods around the Galaxy, complete missions, compete in the auction for resources to move around for profit. Attack pirates, or be a pirate. Loot wreckage's, sell the loot, buy new and better ships which let you travel further with fewer stops. Random encounter mechanic when in space keeps things lively. I don't think there is an actual story here, or not one that I've seen so far. Just decide how you want to play and become the best at it (leader boards for every play style against random npcs).

Rogue Star by RedBreast Studio

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