Saturday, April 11, 2015

Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes by DeNA Corp.

Online only co-op brawler. Stages are designed for quick break moments, the longest I've seen so far are 2 minutes. Smack things, defend things, win.

At victory the four players are ranked based on damage dealt. The reward is score points. These points are applied in two directions. 1, personal reward system, that gives you prizes at certain rewards. These rewards can be iap currency, ISO-8 currency, potions that grant levels, even hero characters themselves.

The second application of the score points goes towards leader boards. The best similarity I've seen to this leader board system is in royal revolt. The board lasts a day, at the end of the day your position determines one of three possibilities. You are demoted to the previous tier leader board. You remain in the current tier for another day. You are promoted to the next tier. Your tier determines which milestone rewards you have access to and the top tier leader boards... Pay very very well.

Regarding heroes. You can buy them with iap currency. You receive a random hero each day. You receive them in the personal reward system. If you receive a double, the two are combined, stats improved and the heroes level cap increased.

Regarding things to do. Really it's simple. If you hit the play button and choose any stage at all, your actively participating in the events and leader boards and reward systems. If you have no friends at the start you are randomly grouped with similarly skilled players. At the end of every stage you can friend request anyone from the group and from there run with them as often as you like. There is always an event running and events reward better scores on the stages if you use the heroes the event recommends. You can also spend additional energy to increase your dps on the stage your in thus increasing your odds of getting top score.

The game does have an energy system. Each stage costs one energy, energy regenerates at a... Slow pace but caps out at 20. You can spend the energy on top of stage access to increase your performance on the stages.

Also, regarding stages. You bring three heroes and can swap between them actively during the fight. You don't have to though if you don't want to, all three equally receive experience for the stage. I always try and bring the three heroes granting bonuses to the current event, bar that I always have a tank like the hulk just in case things get hairy.

Oh and game play. Where you tap is where you go. Double tap to dash, tap enemies to attack them. Abilities bottom right corner, tap in icons for your standby heroes bottom left. Stages come in three favors. Kill the boss, defend the crates, and survive.

I'm actually surprised by dena lately, pretty decent games that don't try to hard to rip the players off. Enjoying this one so far, I recommend giving it a whirl.

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