Sunday, May 4, 2014

April in Review

April went by past, wierd. Hows everyone doing? Me? Lets see...

Dwarven Den - Solid game just came out this past week. The general goal is to work your way across increasingly complex dungeons digging you way to the goal. Sometimes the goal is to find all the gold, sometimes every chest, sometimes your looking for fellow dwarves. There's a good variety to do and there's quite abit to do outside the stages too. Equiping weapons, armor, backpacks. Forging to upgrade existing equipment, improving stats and the like. A market for buying and selling equipment you find or need. And even a guild. Joining existing guilds unlocks bonus stages and additional things to do with your time. All stages are indefinitely farmable so even though everything on the market costs IAP its very very easy to accumulate.
Boom Beach - Still chugging along with this game. Was passively playing the game grinding resources from my resource producers until I suddenly unlocked Tanks. Tanks! In about 40 minutes with 5 tanks I completely cleared my entire radar map of all npcs and players alike, retook the resource producers, totally epic! And for the next two days I knocked out anyone and anything that appeared. And then I realized the hidden mechanics of the game. The more you win, the harder the npcs get period. Also the more you win, the more you appear on other players maps. Got to the point where I was getting wiped out 6 + times a day.  Became literally impossible to conserve resources for upgrades so I've stopped attacking again and am working passively atm.
Pocket Planes - I got back in to PP recently, working air crew events while steadly improving my fleet. Damn nice game, GREAT implementing of IAP.
Farmville 2 - This one has suprised me, there is a solid grind to it but the game is completely playable without spending a penny should you choose. the iOS version of this game plays almost nothing like the facebook pc version, it actually feels like an evolution of hay day. There is always always something to do in the game, enjoying it quite abit.
Spider-Man 2 - Gameloft, premium with almost entirely optional freemium. Only one item in the entire game is iap priced only, thats the venom suit. Yes its the absolutely best suit but the second best suit isn't to far behind and it along with everything else in the game is ingame currency capable. As for the game itself? Its like a 'lite' version of Amazing Spiderman 1 pc/console. Full free roaming city game, random crime, 8 chapters of story, indoor and outdoor missions, boss fights, collectables to chase down, daily single player and multi player ranked events. The only downside? Constant Online connection required.
Bridge Constructor Medieval - Came out on a wednesday night, obsessed over it, beat it thursday afternoon hah! Build bridges, test them out for structure stability. It plays and works just like the original bridge constructor games with a spin, its medieval themed. And there is a war against orcs going on which introduces two new types of stage. The first has you getting people and supplies from one side to the other while orcs are lobbing boulders at the bridge. Thus you have to roof it and then structure it enough  withstand the hits. The other type of stage has enemy orcs crossing your bridge. The goal of this second type is to make a strong enough bridge to get them on it but weak enough that it collapses with them on it heh. The third type of course is normal. Build bridge and get resources across it. Great game, highly recommended.

PC Gaming
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Plays just like Spider-Man 1 with some adjustments. Webs can shoot from both hands, they also always hit buildings and the hand you use affects your trajectory. Add on to that the inability to make webs if your above buildings nearby. There is also now a penalty system for ignoring nearby crimes in progress that results in 'protective security forces' under the employ of ozcorp and fisk enterprises chasing you down as a menace. Beyond that the game is open world exploration, plenty of collectables, decent story and so on. If you liked part 1, get part 2.
Lego Marvel Superheroes - Enjoying the hell out of this game, large and open world and really really entertaining. So many heroes and villains to play as that they shant be listed here. Great game :)
Skyrim - Started playing skyrim again once I figured out how to reset my achievements so its like playing it fresh again.

Beyond gaming I'm still following The Following, Agents of Shield, Family Guy, Simpsons, Arrow, Supernatural and am working through Breaking Bad, Once upon a Time and Leverage.

And thats my free time in a nutshell. :)


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