Friday, May 9, 2014

Gunship X
.99usd, universal, 28mb download, gamecenter enabled (leaderboard only)

Anyone remember almost 2 years back, a game called gunship was released. You were the gunship (aircrafts) gunner and you had three weapon types at your disposal. A mass aoe artillery with long load time. A mid range mid aoe artillery with 5 or so rounds and medium load time. And a gatlin gun that spread bullets all over but not amazingly accurate. In that game you flew (autopilot) over the safe zone and you shot zombies while making it a point to not shoot civilians fleeing to the safe zone. Eventually you would shoot too many civilians or zombies would get to the safe zone bunker's door and the mission would end. You'd receive cash that you'd spend on 4 or 5 different upgrades for each of your weapons, you'd buy supplies and then you'd go back out and do it all over again. There was a leaderboard that simpley kept a count of how many zombies you'd killed. There were some iap coin packs. Later on afew new stage enviroments were added.

Remember that game?

Replace zombies with aliens. Change it so that shooting civilians no longer fails the mission. Add the aircraft itself to the list of upgradables and you have... Gunship X. Heh, honestly, as negative as this sounds, it really isn't. I'm enjoying this game quite a bit as a nice distraction here and there when I have only a lil time to devote to the ipad. Here's the differences I've noticed in this successor :

. Shooting civilians no longer ends the mission, it just subtracts some points.
. There is a big bug that will shoot at your aircraft, kill it with missiles.
. Upgrades to the aircraft itself improves its armor, can take more hits from the big bug.
. The aliens will grab civilians and attempt to flee with them.
. Shoot the aliens with civilians hostages with your smallest gatlin gun if you want to free the civilian without killing the civilian.
. There is a nice coin doubler in the iap menus.
. At the mission completion screen you can watch a 15 second video and receive a 20% bonus to cash earned from that mission.
. Missiles used to kill big bugs that shoot at you are not infinite quantity like your normal three guns.
. Buy bundles of missiles at 5k a pop or... watch a 15 second video and get 5 missiles free.

In all honesty, this game feels easier and more enjoyable than its predecessor. Zombies ate civilians, aliens abduct them and can be rescued. Additionally, in the original 4 dead civilians instantly ended the mission. No such limiter exists in this game. I give it one thumb up. Only thing keeping it from 2 thumbs up is the fact that this is their second game and they STILL haven't figured out that some players WANT achievements.



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