Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Weeks Roundup

Yep there was a release wednesday last week. I did download several games but was totally distracted by WoW and Wolfenstein along with a nice weekend with the wifey. So what follows are the three games I grabbed and how they are fairing thus far.

Globosome: Path of the Swarm
2.99usd, universal, 54mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Enjoyable game, you are a little ball and your overall goal is to get from point a to point b on each stage. Alone the way you'll encounter obstacles that require you to multiply to certain numbers to get past and other fun things. There is a type of 'grass' that you consume and multiply as a result of doing so. Pretty quickly mos stages can find you in control of a literal army of balls. Most stages have multiple side goals, accomplishing them earns you points. Points unlock new abilties. Great graphics, touch and tilt controls available though the game does forget your settings and you'll have to re-choose touch controls if thats your preference every time you load up the game.

Free, universal, 196mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Railshooter with zombies. Energy bar present though buying the vip pack offsets it somewhat by full upgrading to max energy for you. Dual currencies present. The game pretty much guides you through stages full of zombie, critters and decoratives to fill with holes. In between stages you'll be spending your earnings on new weapons, equipment and upgrades. All stages are farmable though as always limited by the energy bar. The iap currency so far seems to be a means of speeding up upgrade timers on your equipment.

OTTTD (Over the top tower defense)
2.99usd, universal 88mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Top down tower defense but definitely 'over the top' heh. Non stop action, enemy bodies remain on the field for the course of the stage, you'll be controlling your own 'hero' unit along with placing, maintaining and upgrading various towers. 60 missions to the campaign guarantee plenty to do. All missions have a 3 star system determining your reward based on performance. All missions are farmable. Earned coin is spent on equipment and armor thats 'coming soon'. Leveling up your hero awards skill points to be naturally spent on your talent tree. Various heroes have unique abilities that clearly define their roles on the battlefield.

I've no complaints, would of posted this sooner but yea I'm a bit crazy hooked on WoW atm and when not running around in that its all about Wolfenstein : The New Order. Will do my best to get a post up quicker this time for the games coming out this evening :)


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