Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesday Release Roundup

Nother week, nother round of releases! Games! -rolls around in the games!-

Side note, new laptop in my ownership. 2014 model Asus g750. 880m geforce, core i7 2.4 clockable to 4.0, 32gigs ram, 1tb hard drive, 512 ssd, blue ray burner and windows 8.1. Now I admit, I've never been a fan of what I've seen of this windows os, but I'll also admit that I've never actually used the damn thing. Took about 10 minutes to be completely comfortable with it. Then another 5 minutes to find the shut own button hah! Now, why's this pertinent to gaming? Windows 8 has its own app store full of games and stuff. I suspect I'll be running around in that playground here shortly...

But anyways, this weeks iOS releases follow.

I Dig It: Journey to the Core
Free, universal, 80mb download, gamecenter enabled.

My first ever iOS game addiction gets a third installment. Dig down, loot the resources, cash in on surface, upgrade, dig deeper. Part 3 is stage based with star ratings, upgrades have timers and the whole game is alot more cartoony than its predecessors. Still, not painful so far.

Overkill Mafia
Free, universal, 55mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Sequel to Overkill game series with mafia oldschool theme. Works pretty well actually. You control the gun trigger, shoot the bad guys, don't shoot the innocents. Unlock cash, level up, achieve goals, upgrade weapons and armor, unlock more stages, fun fun. Freemium, gear upgrades have timers.

Now, there were three other games but they really didn't do anything for me. Ahh well, o7

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