Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Dwarf Journal
Day one was off ta a pleasant start. Arrived at tha new world, just me solo. Me names Rarin' by the way, Rarin' ta go as I always say, hah! ... Ahh, well anyways. Learned ta chop a tree with a stick. Then how ta dig a whole, alsa figured out how ta make proper tewls for diggin and choppin and smackin things. Somewhere long tha way I 'level'd' up and another dwarf joined me party. His names Uter. Hey, hah. He's Uterly Rarin ta go! Hah!

We spent tha rest of the day learning ta make new tools and ladders and bridges. Then night hit and we learned that critters hide in trees and ghosts like ta throw acorns at us. Made quick werk of'em, never fear! Always know when ones around too, this worlds music changes. Funny, that. Craftin reminds me of ah easier take on tha days when my dwarf friend I used ta be on planet minecraft and planet junk jack. We have a 9 x 9 grid o course. An tha materials need ta be in certain sorts natural'y. Buuttt if we find what we want ta make on the left side an choose it, the 9x9 grid lights up wit icons so I don need ta guess! Thats a win!

Day two spent tha day choppin diggin, buildin ladders and bridges and smacking the occasional tree critter. There's always quests ta keep me and my clan focused, oh by the by. The clan is now four strong. We've started making armors and whut not. Another night based us by, more unpleasants. Think I'm gonna just focus on whut ever that quest log says ta do. Led me right so far.


. Fully talent tree in story mode and optionally if you enable it in sandbox.
. Talent tree unlocks by simply crafting in unlocked tiers connected to locked ones.
. Occasionally I find skill books that unlock literal skills for the dwarf I choose to use one on. Fighting skills, cooking skills, etc. Not sure just yet how to train them.
. Weapons and armor don't degrade here like in minecraft/junkjack.
. Trees and animals respawn periodically.
. Your dwarves can/will climb without ladders if there is wall in the background.
. Your dwarves also will accidentally fall off ledges, ladders, etc heh.
. hostile npcs will attack in packs! -fends off 5 goblin raiding party!-
. I've been getting random packages with usually armor in them. They drop out of the sky with parachute.
. Sand does not stay in its position if the block below it is dug out.
. Rain water accumulates!

Very engaging game, more to come.


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