Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Quite a bit of thinking involved in this weeks recommendations... and one game that's alot of part time fun.

Timelines: Assault On America
Free (2.99usd in app purchase for full unlock / add removal), iPad Only, Gamecenter enabled, 562mb download.

Oh thank god! I thought this type of game was extinct on the app store. Everytime someone claims to be a rts these days its almost always some clash of clans iap riddled clone that makes me want to strangle someone. But, thank god. Here this one is. Why am I excited? This is a command & conquer style rts game. Place buildings, train troops, march across 12 stages, unlock multiple upgrades, upgrades carry over stages, visuals are sharp, controls nice. Every rts fan should have this in their library.

Evil Genius Online: The World Domination Simulation
Free, universal, gamecenter enabled, 80mb download.

This one's getting some flak for being a 'dungeon keeper' clone which without a doubt hands down is the single worst game to ever grace the iOS app store but that judgement is a bit harsh in my opinion. Dungeon Keeper iOS was a clash of clans money grab by Electronic Arts, may they burn in hell for damaging so holy a franchise's good name. This game is a full on base builder simulator from Rebellion. Build your base, recruit minions, do quests, Honestly I see no similarities between this and dungeon keeper. The minion's running the job/production buildings reminds me of Rebellion's city builder Harmony Isle and a bit like Zynga's Farmville 2. In order to do jobs and harass the good guys you need items that are often produced passively or actively via various objects in your base, decorating out your base makes it safer. Not sure if there is a pvp mechanic yet, haven't gotten all the way in to the game.

I'm liking it, the iap is mostly avoidable.

World Zombination
Free, universal, gamecenter enabled, 62mb download.

Play as zombies or as humans and fend the side off you didnt choose. Combat feels like a higher speed tower defense game. Upgrading system in place, lots of units to choose from. Idle income generators present. Online required.

AdVenture Capitalist!
Free, Universal, gamecenter enabled, 52mb download.

I... this game is amusing me and I'm not sure why... maybe its the improvement reward nature of this game. Dunno, but I do like it. The game starts out simple enough. Tap a lemon to sell it. And again, and again. Until you have afew bucks and you buy the upgrade for it that lets you sell more with each tap. This makes you earn more per tap. You keep at this till suddenly the managers button lights up. Oh whats this? Look it, a manager for each business, buying the manager automates the taping. Sweet, less tapping is always nice. So now your watching that little lemon sell over and over, your occasionally upgrading it when it hits upgrade 25 suddenly the speed of  selling doubles. Nice! Then the newspaper delivery business becomes affordable. Buy that. tap, tap, tap for afew and get its manager. Win! Two automated businesses! Hey upgrade button just lit up, oh sweet upgrades double permanently triple the profits of the business, nice!

Suddenly 40 minutes later I own all but one of the businesses, I have 6 billion in the bank, all but one owned business managered and upgraded, most businesses are level 100 or higher, green bars are flying everywhere, that cash balance is chinging along, I've watched a advertisement video that gave me a 4 hour double profits buff and now I'm looking at the investor mechanic curiously which apparently is a acquire / sacrifice / spend investor system of improvement.

I like this game :) You continue making profits whether game is running or not. I just unlocked the bank, at level 1 without upgrade purchase but with advertisement boost its putting out 2.149billion every 2 hours roughly.

Can't wait to ge the oil company...

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