Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

I had my sights set on three games this week but the 'heist' one at the last minute went soft launch instead of world wide. Bummer.

Midnight Star
Free, Universal, 588mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Rail shooter with rpg elements. Very good graphics, controls are nice though the where you tap vs where the game shoots feels off to me. Good story, the game is tied in to Midnight Rise, a tell tale styled game near as I can tell also on the app store. Missions, tournaments, events, all award currency you spend on your ship, armor and weapons. Story starts out : Alien contact made, alien contact screwed up, sun exploded, earth's gone. You and three others plus your ship appear to be all that remains of humanity.

Their network appears to be down, I can't register or make use of any of the online features atm. Energy system is present as well as a speed up currency for upgrading things.

Clumsy Knight vs. Skeletons

Fun little auto adventure rpg. Your character runs across the stage, stops to smack everything he encounters. You can feed him potions with various benefits but aside from that you simply sit back and watch. Winning awards experience points, gear, potions and advancement to more difficult stages. Summary of story : Princess kidnapped, you rescue princess. All stages are repeatable. All gear can be combined with potions and whatnot to enhance usefulness of gear. Toss a fire orb on a sword, get a fire sword. Toss a ice orb on a shield, get an ice shield. Want to clear your sword's fire enchant? Toss a ice orb on your fire shield. All equipment can field two stats and those stats to have hard caps that you can combine/upgrade them to. The potions used for upgrading equipment also serve as actual potions that give you on the spot boosts mid combat or heal you and whatnot.

No iap, free, just a simple advertisement across the top center of the screen. On the iPad this advertisement is completely out of the way and harmless, a co-worker with a iphone5 reports its always in the way on his smaller screen. Developers say they are hard at work on additional content / sequels.

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