Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action
.99usd, 72mb download, no gamecenter.

This little gem feels like ClumsyKnight taken to the next level of casual game play. In this game your knight smacks enemies. Every so often he unlocks the next level of stage difficulty. As he smacks enemies he earns coin. All of this you can casually watch till the end of time if you like. He will eventually run out of hit points and lose. When he loses... it starts over.

Now, your interaction? You can tap on him to heal him. You can tap  on the enemy to help him kill it. As well, you are responsible for spending his hard earned cash. You will spend what he earns on his own attack/speed/health/crit and your ability to heal, attack and crit with your finger taps.

As the knight hits kill requirements, additional stages will unlock. Taping on the arrow to the right advances the difficulty and reward. Taping the arrow to the left lowers both. You can idly enjoy lower difficulty merely checking on him from time to time or keep at the edge of progress and pay abit more attention. Occasionally you'll encounter boss fights, also farmable. I just knocked out a gin tree and was awarded one iap currency... and convenient enough I also unlocked a second hero the Mage with a price tag of one currency.

Interesting that they call him a mage because he doesn't seem to be attacking, in fact he is healing the knight. And now the game is fully automated heh.

Once I realized I could tap infinitely (the tutorial is a circled area that goes away, I misunderstood this to mean healing/attacking with taps cost some form of currency) I invest coin only in my ability to heal the hero. An now that I have the mage/healer, I'm not even doing that atm heh. Just catching the mage up to the knight in stats and now working both evenly. Currently farming the first boss, he gives 25coin for about 30 seconds effort, not bad.

Charming visuals, like card board cut outs on sticks. -thumbs up-

Sound? Nothing to complain about.

My only gripe? Psst, developers. Every protective cover made for the ipad uses the left side (when viewed vertically) as the 'bottom' when layed horizontally. Also every game maker out there lets the entire screen flip so that the games always oriented properly. This game uses the right side as 'bottom' and does not rotate. Fix this please.

Oh one other thing, achievements in game, but no use of gamecenter. Tsk, tsk.

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