Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Revisited : Lili

The problem with having too many games is having too many games you never finish. Lili is one of those titles that is a AAA exclusive to iOS with amazing visuals, solid controls, lots to do, all round fun to be honest. Yet I never got around to finishing it. Distracted by something else no doubt.

2.99usd, universal, 406mb download, Gamecenter enabled.
Exploration / Adventure, Tap based combat, Full 3D enviroments.

Lili is primarily a exploration collection game with a side focus on combat that is more tap based than anything else. And it really isn't combat either, though them spirits will definitely give you a run for your money.

Lili is working on a school project, cataloging rare flowers and legend has it that the island of Geos has the rarest. Legend also has it that the island is uninhabited but well its wrong on that part. The island is occupied by two types of creature. Spirits and Constructs. Spirits are generally grumpy folk who will steal from you and who you will spend all the action packed moments of this game chasing and plucking the rarest of flowers from.

As you can see they don't like you doing that and will do anything they can to stop it. Not that it hurts them or anything, just that their jerks with alot of pride and the fact that you are here collecting flowers is all the reason they need for trying to keep you from doing as such.

Controls in this game are very well implemented. Single tap starts walking, double tap starts a run. While running / walking finger on screen and swipes to rotate camera. Can also use this to look around when standing still. A single tap when running or walking stops your movement. Tap drag to pick flowers from ground (and from spirits backs). Tap on doors or spirits or constructs or other objects to interact. Controller support is present.

This game has alot of exploration to it. Things to find and loot, spirits to chase, fun fun :)

Started a new save file, casual mode. I have picked up the optional .99cent iap purchases for coin doubler, flower doubler, map opener and lastly the infinite keys. I don't recommend the keys one though, it really made collecting flowers pretty useless half way through and now I'm sitting a 300 followers collected when I need 1k for the achievements, something I would of been more focused on had I needed to buy keys.

Still, very much enjoyed this play through, knocked out the main story at 6.6 hours then an hour later I have all achievements except for the flowers one, the pot breaking one, and some spirits I still need to 3 star. Only bugs I've noticed, gamecenter button does not work in game (still get achievement credit though) and at about 3 hours in I crashed once after doing the red flower cup chase mini game. You can also walk through the building in the fourth district that has the switch powering the windmill. Once you complete the quest go back and walk towards the switch, you'll pass through it. No game crash on that though.


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