Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Whoa! Bunch of grabs, one of which is more expensive than all the rest combined. Its a Sid Meier though so that's to be expected. Then there's another giant from Gameloft. I'll also be adding one title that I picked up last week but never got around to posting about. Off we go!

Dungeon Hunter 5
Free, Universal, 712mb download, Gamecenter enabled.

Gameloft's action rpg giant is back for its fifth installment and I get the feeling they finally did it right. This game is very diablo 3 esk with a card system for gear and upgrading for your characters. Top notch graphics, great controls, haven't hit a pay wall yet. Energy system in place for running dungeons, regenerates passively over time. The game requires an Internet connection and you can actually see other players in the town hub in between your dungeon runs. Fusion system lets you combine equipment in to your existing pieces to level them up. Evolution lets you change gear in to entirely new pieces.

There's alot here. And its free so no harm checking it out, eh?

Sid Meier's Starships
14.99usd, iPad only, 532mb download, Gamecenter enabled.

Heavy strategy. Turn based combat. Fully economic system, galaxy spanning. Find planets, befriend them, do missions, upgrade ships, upgrade planets, The game is... story light. You set the parameters of your play session and then play it out usually with a goal of beating all the ai opponents senseless. What that means for me is I'll eventually complete a play through and then never play it against because I will have already beaten what story there was.

Still, everything is here to keep any Sid Meier fan or turn based strategy fan content for a good long while :)

Sick Bricks
Free, Universal, 49mb download, no Gamecenter.

Real world toys implemented in to a lego esk style action adventure via your devices camera. run around smash things, swap in your various heroes, kill baddies, shoot up furniture for lego bits, use bits to build parts of town drive cars, level up, learn new abilities, find and improve gear.

Card Crawl
1.99usd, Universal, 74mb download, Gamecenter enabled.

A fun and challenging card game that's entirely single player with zero IAP. This is how it works. Your opponent has 54 cards and you have 13 hit points. You also have a left hand, a right hand and a backpack slot. Your opponent lays out four cards in front of you that are randomly chosen from his deck. You need to interact with these cards. Weapons, shields can be placed in your free hands. Potions and abilities can be placed in backpack slot for future use. Using your weapon card to attack a monster card consumes the weapon card and removes or reduces the hit points on the monster card, depending on whether the weapon card has more hit points than the monster or not. Using the shield card on a monster, the shield card absorbs up to its max health from the enemy attack and whats left over hits your avatar card. Potions placed in the hands consume potions to heal. Coin cards are your score card. More coins you have at the end, higher you rank on the leader boards. There is a card consuming monster thingie that eats coin/potion/ability cards. He yaps you for potion/ability cards you feed him, he thanks you for coin cards. Translation, try not to feed him coin cards, its wasted score points.

It took about 6 tries to win my first hand and the next sentence I type is the best advice I can possible give you : You have to attack throughout the opponents 54 cards. If you push too many opponents back you will find his last few pulls full of opponents with you having no way to absorb the monster cards incoming damage. Once I stopped trying to max my score and started focusing on killing along the way, I've started winning.

Winning gives you keys that you spend in the collection screen. In this screen is 20 ability cards and as you win you will be able to unlock more ability cards. If you just hit the 'normal' button on main screen the game will randomly assign you 5 ability cards you have unlocked. If you go in to 'constructed' you can choose which five ability cards you being in to play. Note, there are separate leader boards for each of these two types of play.

I prefer my ability cards to heal me in some way or permanently dispatch enemy cards. I don't like using 'push back' type ability cards because I'm just going to have to deal with those opponents later anyways.

Very cool game, two thumbs up.

Paper Monsters Recut
4.99usd, Universal, 187mb download, no Gamecenter.

Paper Monsters, I declared the original version of this game to be 'the' super marios of the iOS Appstore, and this follow up title continues to fit the bill nicely. Left side bottom finger drag to move. Right side bottom to jump. This release is much much larger than the original. Lots of stages, environments, etc. Every stage has three paperclips that are currency for unlocking additional stages. Silver buttons convert directly in to score. Stages have no time limits. Every stage has a Gold button hidden in it that you use unlocking minigames. You have 5 lives for each stage play through. Double tap jump to double jump. In between stages is the over world, this place along with the pause button both let you move from stage to stage and various mini games.

Sorry if I don't say alot about Paper Monsters but seriously, the game sells itself on its fantastic visuals, spot on controls and plethora of content. Glad to see it return from its romph on the Wii U heh. Controller support enabled, plays fantastic with my xBox styled moga controller :)

Angry Birds Stella POP!
Free, Universal, 60mb download, Gamecenter enabled.

Stella is your typical match 3+ type game. Got ball thingies along the top, slingshot colored balls to their matching types to eliminate them. You'll usually be working to make pigs fall from the top to the bottom, puzzles vary from fixed positions to rotating to multi screen height. Feels well done and polished. The free to play aspect here is that failing a stage takes one of your hearts. Hearts take time to recharge. As well when your completing stages your earning gold. Gold is spent on extra balls on stages that you run out on. All stages have a fixed number of balls you can sling at your enemy.

Dig a Way
Free, Universal, 121mb download, Gamecenter enabled.

This game is the only download I grabbed from last week. Its a action puzzle game where your main goal is to dig from start to finish with the side goals of collecting coin and collectibles. Collectibles are placed in a museum that earns you coin passively daily. Coin is spent on outfits so far. In the stages you can not dig up no can you climb. So you need to plan your movements so that you don't miss anything. The only two iap in game is through several outfits that you can either collect coin to buy or spend real money on (.99cents per outfit) and additional adventurers at .99cents a chapter or 1.99 for the bundle. Buying the bundle will save you 1 dollar.

Graphics are charming, controls work fine. Left, Right and Down arrows move/dig in the appropriate direction and double taping left or right will dash you in that direction.


So there you go, my grabs this week o7

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