Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Recommendations

Afew charming games hit this week, I've already played enough of Tap Heroes that the link here is actually to the post I made a little bit earlier this evening. Will give a more detailed impression of the other two games after I've spent some more time with them.

Tap Heroes - Idle RPG Action

Summary : Casual auto play rpg where your only required involvement is your eyes and occasionally spending your heroes hard earned cash on upgrades.

OverKill 3

Summary : Free, one of the original shooters for our iOS playground. Traditionally this series was a first person view through the scope of your gun. Now its gone full 3d with hiding behind objects and whatnot. Shoot things, hide from things, spend cash on better stuff, do the first two even better with the new stuff.

Prison Life RPG

Summary : Prison simulator, choose your short term sentence prisoner and try to survive. Choose gangs to join, where to eat, interact, pick fights, break out of prison. All round fun

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