Sunday, March 15, 2015

Revisited : Alien Isolation

Just completed a second play through of this awesome game after taking a break for afew months. This time I used Steam's streaming feature so that my sister who may or may not ever play this game completely through could watch it from across the country. Very cool, she described it as watching a really long movie!

Second play through was just as entertaining as the first but less scary jumping out of my seat action. My first play through I would describe as learning to dance, where every time you step on your partners foot they punch you in the face with their second set of teeth heehee! This second play through was more akin to a waltz. I waltz'ed across stages moving where I need to be and my sister was constantly amazed at the random nature of the ai. Occasionally other survivors would tap in during the alien and mine's dance but that always resulted in screams, cries, random gunfire and the alien rejoining me as soon as possible.

Another thing, I don't like hiding in lockers. If the alien is in the room I hide behind things, slowly move around things to keep Line Of Sight broken for the creature. I don't like hiding in lockers because your pretty much a sardine, if the alien opens the locker, its game over. If I am hiding behind things my flamethrower is a two button tap away and I almost always survive alien misencounters this way. Hiding in lockers is waiting to die. Nuff said.

The developers behind this masterpiece have been signed on for another game, no ones saying if its another alien title or something else. Fingers crossed for more alien awesomeness!

Here's some more random photo's I snagged, their over the course of two play throughs so not exactly in order. I separated them by play through, enjoy :)

First Play Through

Second Play Through
I had certain shots I wanted that I missed the first time, knew where to look this time around heh.

I finally got around to doing the two stand a lone DLCs Crew Expendable and Last Survivor. I REALLY liked Crew Expendable, I always felt that Dallas romp around in the ventilation shafts in the movie felt short like there was move to it that we didn't see and you definitely see it all in this DLC. Plus what happens in the last 25 seconds of the DLC, something that never occurred to me but makes complete sense looking back. Ash is an asshole.

The second DLC Last Survivor, didn't enjoy that one quite as much. Lots of little discrepancies between the movie and the DLC though as I understand it this isn't a retelling of what happened, its more akin to a simulator run by the company testing the validity of what Ellen claims happened. Thus the inconsistencies between the film and the dlc.

More Crew Expendable please, and a resolution to what happens at the end of Isolation would rock!


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