Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bethesda E3

So... lot of fun stuff from E3 this year but my main interest was in Bethesda. I'm a big fan of the majority of their offerings (not a fan of doom 2016 and only mildly entertained by evil within) so any word from their house is always welcome!

Fallout 4
. The final three DLC's are confirmed and are as follows.
.. Contraptions, June 2016. Its like adding... the redstone mechanics of minecraft to your settlement. Program, sort, logic triggers, tracks, all sorts of new ways of pestering your settlers.
.. Vault-Tec, July 2016. Build, populate and experiment on your own vault and its citizens!
.. Nuka-World, August 2016. Go to the FO franchises take on Disneyland, take over a raider gang and use that gang to harass rivals and/or settlers of the commonwealth!

Once those hit, Bethesda is mostly considering themselves done with FO4. "Mostly" because FO4 is coming to VR!

Some folks are complaining... and being quite vocal about it on the steam forums in particular but I'm actually content with this. Why? Well for one, using player mods disables achievements in FO4. Having a clear finish line to official DLC lets me know that once Nuka hits I can clear all the achievements and then lose myself in Player Made Content land. Another reason? No more potential conflicting content between players and bethesda. Example : When xbox one got player made mod access one of the first mods was one that let you build vaults. Then three weeks later bethesda announces a vault-tec mod. I'm sure Bethesda is going to add some real interesting features to their take on vault building, but I'm glad I didnt jump on that player made version after all. There wont be this content conflict potential once Bethesda moves on to what ever their doing after FO4.

Fallout Shelter
. Coming to PC and the next update for the game on both platforms will include exploration and questing!

. About damn time, Skyrim is going next gen console and getting a serious graphics upgrade to next gen and pc. !! Kinda curious how the graphics upgrade is going to handle player made graphics mods. Console users are going to get full mod support as well!

Elder Scrolls: Legends
. Elder Scroll card game! Praying it hits my iPad!

Quake: Champions
. Another fpshooter, even less story. -moving along-

. I admit to never having played the original, this new one looks highly interesting. Survival horror vibe, Doom 3 fans who wished Doom 2016 had more of Doom 3's dna in it, this one looks up our alley.

. Multiplayer dlc in the form of maps and crap. -moving along-
. They apparently also had a VR version of Doom on hand for folks to fiddle with.

Elder Scrolls Online
. Dark Brotherhood!

Dishonored 2
. !!
. Play as Corvo or the Princess (now queen) daughter of his.
. Everything looks to be taken away again, gonna have to go get it back heh.
. I loved the original, cant wait for this one!

Bethesda says there are also two skyrim/fallout sized games coming, neither one unveiled yet. And then Elder Scrolls 6!

Gonna be a great year for gaming :)

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