Friday, June 3, 2016

Midweek iOS Release

Alright, a fresh month and here's the first week releases to go with it. As always if you want the full skinny on what hit this week go to and for kicks here's the url :

That settled, I've got a blend of free and premium, online and not, gamecenter and no gamecenter, shooters to rts titles, the following five are what made it to my ipad. Note, there was a sixth but that stupid transformer game was simply a prettier clash of clans clone so bleh.

Update : A sixth game worth a looking at hit Thursday morning :)

Sky Force Reloaded
Free, 257mb download, gamecenter enabled, no internet requirement.

Ok so I love me a good bullet hell shooter and thankfully there are plenty to choose from on the iOS. The challenge though is finding the really good ones from amongst the average and the clones. Anyone remember me discussing a game called Apocalypse: Meow? Turns out that was a clone of the original Sky Force game which of course caused me some confusion tonight with this one as I thought I was playing a clone. Turns out Meow was the clone and this is the proper sequel to the original Sky Force and yep. That's that.

So anyways. This ones a bullet hell shooter with rpg upgrade elements. Play stages, collect resources, upgrade your ship, rinse repeat. Stages have optional goals that once complete allow you to access harder difficulties of those stages with even better rewards. Upgrades have timers and that there is where the developer hopes to bring in income for his dinner each night. iap purchases are extremely fair, the doubler is always my first recommendation.

Controls are fantastic, hold finger to steer ship, lift finger to pause and choose abilities, etc. Get it.

Monster Hunter: Craft, Defend
Free, 118mb download, gamecenter enabled, online required.

So... deNA. DeNA...denadenadenadena. I'll be honest in saying any and every time these guys show up attached to a game, I approach with extreme caution. Why? Because these turd buckets are the ones who bought, ran in to the ground and eventually cancelled We Rule. My first iOS addiction. No matter the quality of the product before me, I'll always remember that one fact.

That said... Monster Builder is a hero collector straight up. Collect, upgrade, combine and use lots and lots of monsters in battle. The combat is somewhat unique, I've seen it somewhere else but can't quite place it. OH wait, got it. The combat in this game reminds me of Army of Darkness and other in line defense battlers. Your on the left, the enemy is on the right, you spawn your monsters when off cool down, you use abilities as often as your mana generation rate allows. The goal is always to either destroy the enemy portal or to outlast the enemy waves. Success means experience for your monsters, experience for you, dna for making more monsters and so on and so forth.

All the IAP tropes are here. Energy bars, construction timers, dual currencies, video ads to watch for various rewards. the Real money purchases run the range from .99usd to 99.00usd. There are no doubler's or monthly subscription options however.

Keeping you coming back each day are daily log in rewards and daily quests.

If you like marvel future fight, star wars galaxy of heroes, heroes charge or any other 'collector' out there and are looking for a Pokemon vibe with a unique (to this genre of game) combat style and you don't mind every form of IAP known to man, check this one out.

I know. Alot of if's and and's. Me? I'll keep it on my ipad for the time being, see if it hooks me but they shan't receive any money from me because a, no subscription or doubler iap's and b... We Rule.

-holds up a candle for We Rule-

Human Resource Machine
4.99usd, 68mb download, no gamecenter, no internet requirement.

And oh my god I've looked forward to this day! This game is from the same folks who did World of Goo and Little Inferno (my number 1 and 2 games i recommend be on every ios device, ever) and it even takes place on the same planet during the same event. In this one though you are an employee for Tomorrow Corp (who you collected Goo for in WoG and who provided you with your Little Inferno Fire Place in LI). You start out as a ground level employee and each stage represents a year of your career with the company.

You job? Well everything arrives at the inbox and its your job to deliver it to the outbox. Simple enough. But of wait, each stage has different requirements and the requirements get very very difficult and challenging the further in you go. Optional goals are present as well in the form of length of program and speed of program (amount of times it ran to complete the stage). By program, I mean program. If the stage simply wants you to move inbox to outbox, you will have a pickup from inbox line, a deliver to outbox line and a loop back to the start so that it continues on and on until there are no more inbox items. But again, that's...  well that's stage one. Pretty quickly in you will be working with conditional loops, addition and subtraction, increasers, decreasers, and on and on...

I'm on stage 20 or so and find myself taking a break between each stage to settle my brain pan down. Freaking awesome game!

Every so many stages the game shows a cut scene that squarely and neatly confirms that this game is taking place alongside the events of little inferno. Well to be specific I would say the start of this game predates little inferno and quickly catches up to the game.

I highly recommend this game though at the same time highly warn you all, you will either enjoy this game or hate it within the first 10 minutes and honestly if you don't like it within the first 10 I guarantee you'll hate it throughout. Worth watching some youtube to see if this is your cup of tea. Here's a video :

Lost Frontier
2.99usd, 93mb download, no gamecenter, no internet requirement.

Lost Frontier is a turn based action-rpg. RPG is very light to be honest as in completing stages gives exp to the 'hero' you've chosen and leveling up gives permanent perks to things like health and range of attack, etc. Each stage you start out with 'x' amount of units including your hero unit. You and the enemy take turns moving around the board attacking each other, healing yourselves, taking over buildings, etc. Taking over buildings increases gold earned per turn. Gold earned is spent at the saloon on additional units.

Not a whole lot to say here honestly. Play, win, level up. Play story mode or challenge mode or custom, your choice. Repeat stages to your hearts content. I love Mika Mobile's prior offerings on the iOS Battleheart, Battleheart Legacy, the Zombieville titles, etc. This one though... feels a tad shallow. Was fully expecting talent trees and other forms of management in between stages.

Star Nomad 2
7.99usd, 53mb download, no gamecenter, no internet requirement.

PC port, sandbox galaxy top down space game. Choose your career and have at it, your actions influence the various factions and events on going. Not a whole lot to say about this one just yet. Will do so when I have more time here.

Never Alone Ki Edition
4.99usd, 360mb download, gamecenter enabled, no internet requirement.

Ok so another game showed up Thursday morning and a welcome one at that! Never Alone Ki Edition is a full on port of the pc/console version of this game. You play as a little girl and a wolf she befriends early in the game. You can control both and each have their own benefits and unique abilities. The controls are fantastic, visually this game is gorgeous and I do recommend headphones (or either ipad pro with four speakers) with the volume turned up.

This game is a action adventure, tells a story and you play through it. Definitely linear but that's not a drawback as it keeps you focused as you move along.

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