Saturday, June 4, 2016

Warcraft: Legion Beta

Started playing the actual 100+ story of legion. Spoilers follow the break. Seriously, dont read beyond the break unless you want the first hour or so of the expansion spoiled out flat on a table in front of you.

Playing as Alliance Worgen Druid.

You start out by joining the fleet formed up at Stormwind harbor and head for the broken isles. Once on shore you repel the demons back a bit, encounter guldan, a uber sized demon kills Tyrion, you kill that demon, you work further in land, another blah blah with Guldan and then he starts summoning waves of demons. During this its apparent the horde and alliance are both on land but at different areas, they communicate a bit. I know Sylvannas is on the horde side. Varian, Glenn, Jaina, Mekatorq(gnome) are all present on alliance side. Guldan keeps summoning larger and larger groups of demons till eventually you get a pop up saying 'really rad cutscene here' and your back in stormwind.

Varian is dead, everyone literally blames the Horde for fleeing the fight, I assume that all happens during the cut scene.

Any who, Glenn has you deliver a letter to Anduin, the same letter you saw Varian write in the intro cinematic already out on YouTube. While there Jaina throws a hissy fit over Anduin's focus on the Legion instead of the Horde and she portals out.

Demon Hunters report for duty, immediately identify multiple demons disguised as guards and a big fight breaks out in the throne room. Once that's stopped, you are sent as liaison to thank the leader of the demon hunters (not illidian!) who have set up shop in a corner of the mage district.

Once there you receive a message from Kadghar asking him to join you in Dalaran which is now positioned over Karazhan. You fly over to dalaran, report in and Kad puts a motion to the mage council to allow the horde mages back in as a splintered azeroth is doomed to fail. Jaina refuses. Kad calls a vote. All but Jaina and one other vote aye. Jaina throws a hissy, quits the kirin tor and portals away. Kad takes her standing place.

Bran Bronzebeard shows up, reports that Magni is alive and up in Ulduar with information on repelling the Legion and asks you to meet him up there. Kad and you portal to Ulduar where you find a group of demons attempting to pry information out of Magni. You repel the demons and report to Magni who is still made of diamond but alive and well and talkative.

Turns out Magni is now something 'else' and in service now to Azeroth, which turns out is one big freakin Titan! She (Magni refers to Azeroth as a female) is naturally on our side and references the pillars of creation being key to repelling the Legion off Azeroth.

You join Kad in Karazhan because he specifically remembers reading literature in there during his apprenticeship regarding the pillars. You get chased through Karazhan by an assortment of Medivah installed defenses and a Legion assault force but all ends well with you in the library and book in hand. You portal back to Dalaran and report to the council who send you about killing demons infesting dalaran while they figure out where the pillars are.

After you finish questing up dalaran the council realize that while the specific location isn't known, the general area is. Forgotten Isle's. OR Broken Isles, I keep forgetting the name.

There is a sequence of events in dalaran as you assist in the teleportation of Dalaran from Karazhan to the Broken Isles where it will be the main dual faction hub for the length of this expansion. I didn't get to do any of the assist stuff as its not in the beta yet and I was instead teleported straight to its new location.

Once there you are invited to explore dalaran and see if its secrets can shed some light as to what you need to be doing next. For giggles I ran in and got teleported out of the horde district afew times before Hamuul himself appeared and asked me to report to Moonglade. I suspect I'm about to be introduced to the Druid class hall :)

And that's as far as I've gone so far.

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