Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Followup Pocket Planes

I'm in a Pocket Planes mood for some reason. Fantastic game though for some reason the damn thing couldn't find my cloud save. Odd too. No cloud save... yet it remembered I am in toucharcade flight crew... I suspect they want me to invest in IAP. I've done that in the past to jump start my airline company but with this fresh start I'm going to go IAP free. They've made enough money off me over the years between this game and Tiny Tower. You hear me nimblebit? Update pocket planes and I'll make a purchase! Till then...

I've been at it for a week, proud owner of:
5x birchcraft
3x pearjet
1x aeroeagle

The birchcraft are handling new work to chicago, mexico, los angeles. They collect all london delivers and leave them at New york where the Pears and Aero long haul to london for max profit.

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