Saturday, June 11, 2016

Midweek iOS Release

Hey everyone, another week gone by and another couple games on my ipad. Didn't like all of them as much as I expected but figured if I download them, I should mention them. Maybe help you all avoid afew flawed products.

Saw Warcraft movie Friday morning, highly highly highly recommend it!

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
Free, 70mb download, no gamecenter, offline friendly.

Pirate simulator! My game of the week, right here. Period. Start out with a single ship and a crew, you kill, plunder, attack, run trade routes, buy / capture additional ships, deal with paying wages, sack towns, upgrade your town in lots of various ways. Really impressive!

Even more impressive is the options screen that lets you fully adjust the visual effects so that its always optimized for your device.

Want more impressive? These guys use their own cloud system that lets you play your save file across iOS, android, pc and here shortly mac.

Combat feels more tactical than I expected. Wind direction, sails, crews all factor in as well as cannon range and aim. Experience is gained for absolutely anything you do and level ups award talent points you can use in literally any way you like to tailor your game to your play style.

Oh and hey, don't feel like dealing with npcs and wages and fast travel? Go in to open map mode and just sail around enjoying the sights in real world size.

IAP ranges from basic currency packages to maps, town upgrades, talent points. The skies the limit but thankfully the prices are kept low. Highest iap was less than 4 bucks as I recall, most less than a dollar.

Game. Of. The. Week.

Heroes of Loot 2
2.99usd, 40mb download, gamecenter enabled, offline friendly.

Endless action rpg brawler. Run around smashing enemies, furniture, lamp shades, you name it. Loot everything. Keep going until you die and then back to start to try again. Buy better gear, go at it again. Each attempt you can take different heroes, good for varied combo teams. Entire environment is destructible thanks to explosives heh.

The art style goes beyond pixel to the point of 'hard to make sense of' when it comes to the characters. Thankfully everything else here is fun enough to look beyond this little issue.

Fury Roads Survivor
Free, 70mb download, gamecenter enabled, offline friendly.

A mad max inspired endless racer. Ride around, collect oil (currency) avoid / destroy the bad guys, eventually get destroyed and do it all again. In between you'll buy / earn various vehicles and weapons to use on further gameplay attempts. Art style is... extremely pixely. Like to the point of distraction in menu's. Gameplay is fun though a mini map would definitely help because for as far zoomed out as it feels, things still feel entirely to random and obstacles entirely to sudden with no warning.

Decent mindless game.

Plane Wars 2
Free, 80mb download, no gamecenter, offline friendly.

A pretty straight forward title, lots and lots of this genre on the app store. There are a series of bases on the map, some yours, some your enemies and some neutral. Your and your enemies bases steadily generate aircraft that you can use to take over neutral bases and kill the enemy ones. Right side of screen lets you adjust what percentage of aircraft go where you send them to, stages are repeatable with various difficulty and challenges. Star currency is earned based on accomplishing the varies challenges of each stage and is spent on upgrades to your aircraft and whatnot.

This ones kinda like Eufloria (my personal favorite in this genre) but with less personality.

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