Thursday, April 3, 2014

Comics : Magneto

New series with Magneto at the front of the action. Issue 1 and 2 are out, spoilers follow the break.

Magneto is in dramatic mode again. And violent, very very violent. First issue is told post event. He found one of the main scientists who contributed to mutant manipulation and torture to just about every major anti-mutant faction to ever surface. Pulled his fillings from his teeth, kicked him out in to the street and then replaced the fillings with steel bars.

Magneto in this series spends a whole lot of time self contemplating himself and his role in current days. Shield is after him. He isnt flying around in space ships anymore, no big mutant groups doing his work and he isn't exactly killing every human he sees either. He is staying low profile, driving a pick up truck and staying in hotels. His targets, he finds them through newspaper articles. Shield has begun planting false articles to try and lure him in to the open but he recognizes and avoids them.

His second target in issue 1 and 2 turned out to be an innocent human who was implanted with all manner of unpleasant bio sentinel hardware. The guy goes mind blank when in the presence of mutants, goes sentinel on them, and then he wakes up with later. Magneto kills him when he goes sentinel, the human side tells Eric where he was abducted and Magneto heads there. Once there he realizes everyone is human and living in fear of an anti-mutant group that periodically shows up and takes people against their will for the sentinel implanting process. Magneto waits for this group to show up and literally fills them with hundreds of nails. He takes one last man and magnetically points the guys own gun against him. The guy tells Magneto where their base is and then Magneto shoots him.

Alot of nazi era flash backs in issue 2, shield encounters a pro-magneto fan group and the police department that held the human-sentinel at the beginning of the issue. Magneto is apparently no longer pro-anti-human as just about everyone was hurt but not dead.

Both issues graphically and story telling wise remind me of the Punisher. With mutant powers. Magneto isn't running full power mode, hasn't been able to since the Phoenix event burned him out. But he's still got the stuff to make himself known when necessary.

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