Thursday, April 3, 2014

TV Recap : Arrow

Holy crap all hell just broke loose in this series! Spoilers after the break!

Slade Makes his move!
. Kidnaps Thea
. Arrow chases him down, gets police sargeant quentin to arrest him Slade
. Slade has alibies out the rumph, walks
. Slade tells Thea who her father really is
. Slade releases Thea
. Arrow gives ceo temp to Isabela
. Isabela holds chairman meeting, takes entire company from Arrow
. Isabela is working for Slade whole time, redirects company in to replicating syrum in Slade's blood
. Thea confronts Arrow and mother, walks away from both
. Roy leaves town
. Slade pays Laurel a visit, tells her her brother is ARrow
. Police arrest Laurel's father sergeant Quentin for taking orders from Arrow

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