Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kerbal Space Program

Well the new equipment from the asteroid redirect mission did some amazing things for Jeb. While not yet having the absolute best of the equipment (some is still in testing, ie i need more research points to unlock!) what was immediately available reinvented stage one and two launch sequences for him. Gone are the five stack 6 fuel container tall engine system. Now? Five single pieces of pure awesome.

These new engines are so efficient that after working with KSA (kerbal space association) for over a month now, today was the first time a Kerbal made it to Mun, landed, did all his research and actually managed to make it back to Kerbin. Without wrecking. Without a rescue craft sent to pick him up. Without running out of fuel, had half a fuel tank on the lander infact when he returned. -sniffles- A proud moment!

Crazy thing? There's a good 400 plus in research in each biome of each moon... Oh hey there's been afew issues with todays .23.5 update. I resolved the 'closed research facility' by f9 quick loading from a previous quick save. I also had to individually go through the research trees and accept all the new equipment that was scattered through talents I'd already purchased. I still don't have asteroids in my save though. Dev's say they are on top of it so fingers crossed.


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