Friday, April 11, 2014

Dark Souls 1 : Prepare to die Edition

With part 2 right around the corner for the pc I decided to fire up part 1 again and see if I can make it more than past the first boss of the first tutorial dungeon. The name is justified. Just as before I died over a dozen times before throwing my controller. I came back 10 minutes later and hit up youtube hoping for some magic strategy to get me past that asshat.

Died five more times, quit game and uninstalled it again. The controls feel slow, the character feels slow, the boss is unforgiving of even the slightest misstep on my part. I've never played a game before where the tutorial boss can take you from full health to none in three swings if you step the slightest bit out of line. Add to it the unforgiving mechanics of the game, can't jump (or i can't figure out how), dodging is slow and combersome, freakin vases might as well be towering pillars that can't be touched.

God I want to play this game, I want to enjoy it and play it but damn dman dmnadmncamnwaa!!

Two deep breaths, two deep breaths....

I won't be buying part 2. No way in hell.

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