Thursday, April 3, 2014

Out Now : FTL

FTL : Faster Than Light
9.99usd, 173mb download, iPad 2 or newer only.

I'm on a space game kick so I naturally grabbed this one. Loads quick on the air, woo tutorial. I remember playing this game once a long while back on the pc. Got killed right quick, tutorial engaged. Tutorial does its job, explains various components of the main top down ship view screen. Aww crap, engine broke. Tutorial explains how to fix it. Shows up to select mutiple crew and repair things, nice. The controls work REALLY well so far. Oh no, a fire at one of the airlocks! Vented oxygen to that room, good to go. Jumping consumes fuel, naturally. Galaxy man is shiney. Enemy ship, spool up the guns!

Combat is entertaining, tapping weapons, choosing target rooms on enemy ships. I knocked out their shields and then knocked out life support. The enemy died in the shield generator room from lack of oxygen while trying to repair the shields. Neat! Got some fuel, some ammo (lasers use no ammo but missile launches do) and a new weapon type. Ahh you gain scrap which is used to upgrade the various ship systems. Tutorial explains how to power up and down and upgrade equipment and then thats the end of the tutorial. Space is my oyster... or more likely space will be the bully in my playground beating me up alot.

Unsure if you'll like this game? Its a strategy game where you spend your time between resource management and attack and lots of humor. Star Command would be the closest competition to ftl, though star command is definitely more streamlined. Star Command is also story driven, there is story to ftl but ftl is more about seeing how far you can go in to the game before getting exploded or running out of fuel.

Good game so far. Achievements, check. Leaderboards, no. Gamecenter, yes. Zero iap.


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