Saturday, May 14, 2016

Doom 2016 Story

Ok so... beat Doom. 14hrs, easy difficulty, did not actively chase collectibles/side objectives. Doom actually has quite abit of story to it, even without the need of reading all the collected pda tablets in the game. I got everything that follows from simply listening to the narrative as objectives were sent my way and in particular from the small interactive tablet things in hell where a Demon actually explained things.

The story follows the break so don't click this article unless you want to be spoiled!. Note : this is the story as I understand it, I did pay attention to it but could be wrong.

Rewind back to biblical beginnings. A holy knight descended upon hell and routed it. He hunted, killed and did it so damn well that hell's legions could not stop him. Demons fled deeper and deeper but were systematically being eradicated by this holy knight. The really really deep dark things in hell even came to the surface and challenged him, we're talking demons that would of made god hesitate.

He slaughtered them too.

Eventually he entered a massive unholy church, the demons literally brought it down on him and then sealed his body in a sarcophagus with warning scribble all over it saying 'do not open. ever.'

Fast forward to the near future. Mars is colonized, but largely meh to humanity. Until the UAC moves in and discovers that the border between the human realm and demon realm is uniquely weak on mars and that a limitless energy source trickles through said weak borders. UAC settles in and over decades masters several things. 1, portals to hell. 2, keeping the occasional demon presence in check. 3, converting hell energy in to human energy.

Humanity enters a period of peace, no one fights or wants for resources, UAC now provides the entire needs for the entire human race from mars. All is well.

Well except the thing that UAC has a military wing and the director of that division is actively working to weaponize demons. (that's why you see so many in game footage with machinery attached to them, director of uac did that, demons in hell found it useful, didn't bother taking the stuff off). Military wing director is corrupted by the demon influence all around her, makes a religious cult of her wing with the singular goal being to make a fully open fully two way functional portal for hell to invade mars and so on.

UAC director/ceo sees her slipping in to insanity and discreetly does his own research, finds out about the holy knight and takes ownership of the sarcophagus and knights armor, keeps them on the side as an emergency button.

director of military wing links a portal to 'the well', literally THE limitless power source in hell and a big wave of demons hits pretty much possessing/killing every human in UAC on mars.

UAC ceo presses emergency button and you wake up, you grab your armor and so the game progresses. Over the course of the game you stop military wing director from opening a large scale version of the small portal. She opens a large scale one anyways, you get sucked in. You fight your way out. UAC ceo implants you with technology that legs him portal you back out of hell anytime you need and that sets off a chain of go in to hell, get this, come out, do that, rinse repeat.

Eventually you permanently shut down the portal the military director made, you permanently shut down/destroy the well inside hell, you kill the military director who becomes a big spider and you portal back to mars...

Where the UAC Director/CEO takes the relic you used to shut down the well and then teleports you really really realllllly far away from humanity so you wont be able to stop him from doing his job. You see, its his job and UAC's job to provide limitless energy to humanity, if they can't do that humanity would fall in to chaos because there is zero infrastructure on earth for providing the eats and needs anymore because every ones been relying on UAC for so long.

Over the course of the game you permanently shut down UAC's means of doing this... but you did being the relic back with you. This relic can turn on and off pretty much anything hell related. Also means the use of the relic lets the side using it make portals at will, control the flow of said portals, etc.

Oddly UAC has the best of interests here, aside from that military wing snafu. And UAC knows you as the holy knight see black and white on the hell issue and will do anything necessary to make sure UAC and hell have no part with one another.

So he sent you away, credits roll. The end.


David Irwin said...

Thanks for the less game I have to buy for my son and I this year...downloading the latest and greatest version of Doom 3 on Steam right now LMAO (scare factor is unmatched IMHO)...Trump/Battlefield 1 are humanities only hope...stay tuned ;^)

taeles said...

Yea... if only Doom 4 had 3's exploration and scare. Ahh well. I confirmed no single player dlc planned, found snapmap (map builder) more of the same same and then uninstalled. Make sure you get Doom 3 BFG edition. has every doom (except 4) built in plus enhanced visuals.