Saturday, May 7, 2016

Space Engineers, 2.0d Release!

Hey everyone, been awhile since I discussed Space Engineers... September of last year and well to be honest it was with good reason. Alot happened with the game shortly after the September post and here's a summary.

Planets were implemented.
DirectX 9 support was abandoned.
Frame rate around planets on DirectX 11 with all settings low on my computer... 20fps tops.
Lots of crashes.
Sister has no computer with DirectX 11 support, she stopped playing.
I took a long long break.

I made a fresh game with full system of 3 planets and moons. In between the earth and its moon I pasted in the base I build and showcased in last Septembers blog entry as well as ships. I placed comm towers with medical booths on each planet and moon in the system for quick /suicide/ re spawn access anywhere and then called it break time.

Fast forward from September '15 to May '16. I turned on steam one morning and noticed a 'comment' notification. Figured sister had something to say about some game but when I checked... the comment was on 2.0c.


I checked the workshop uploaded ship's comment and the person complimented the ship design but despaired over the lack of ship defenses. I replied that I had a 2.0d on file that was weaponized along with several other features and promptly uploaded it. She is here :

That's actually the second upload of 'd'. The first upload had several oxygen leaks and as such the ship would not air tight seal and oxygenate. With help from the community I chased down the holes and re-released. Here are photos of her, sexy yes I know :)

The exterior of 'd' isn't all that different from 'c' so I'll point them out real quick. Most obvious are the weapon systems. Each 'wing' or 'leg' has a rail and a missile turret. The neck has also been put to use with a suite of rail guns on each side. I went with the old school naval mindset, Broadside the hell out of them but don't let them get above or below you. Yea, Blacksails rocks!

Also present is a pretty much useless hydrogen thruster system. Useless because those thrusters are used largely to get from atmosphere to space. 2.0d does not hover in earth atmospheres, she in fact sinks like a huge anchor if you try to put her there. It was one of those 'new feature! lets add it somewhere!' sort of things heh.

The hangar has been completely totally overhauled from 'c' to 'd'. Hangar doors fully functional, multiple connector ports, even a large glass observation deck. The observation deck is separate from the hangar itself so you can have the hangar open to space without venting the observation deck or rest of ship of air.

Not a whole lot changed in the neck between 'c' and 'd' aside from rail guns on the outside and oxygen vents inside.

Crew quarters with a creative use of solar panel as 'table'. My copy of this ship on my survival game has lots and lots of player mods for furniture but I keep my workshop uploads vanilla.

Ok, the bridge is a complete change. 'c's bridge was located top middle of the ship but I discovered a strategic flaw in having the bridge to the whole carrier sitting on the top of the ship surrounded by windows (heh) so the 'battle bridge' became the 'only' bridge on 2.0d. Those missile launcher chairs each have a hot key to manually control one of this ships four missile launchers!

And that's the current 'd' that's on the workshop. I'm working on 2.0e right now, the main goal of 'e' being earth atmosphere friendly. I've also further put use to 2.0's neck! Here's three preview photos of her :

Before and after of the neck. Bonus? She's still air tight :)

View from the belly, much work in progress. I've already added two more thrusters to the main body just behind the two you can see in the photo. And... still not enough. I had to slap four more (one on each wing) to get her hovering. I'm thinking I'll completely wipe out the 'observation deck' on the belly and place those four in line with the majority of them.

Back to work!


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