Wednesday, May 18, 2016

War Tortoise
Free, 241mb download, gamecenter enabled, online optional.

War Tortoise from Forsaken Media continues their tradition of trying out genre's, tossing them in a blender, adding some random humor and seeing what comes out. And as always, it works. It works REALLY well!

WT is a tower defense title meaning the enemies come to you and you kill them before they kill your main building. Your main building in this is... a Turtle. With a mouse manning the cannon on its back. In fact, all your ground units are Mice. And your aerial units range from bees and beetles to birds.

Its a really epic perspective and visually it makes amazing use of our devices.

Turret placement is automatic, no worries about where you put it because everything simply comes after you. The ground unit mice run around out there distracting things from reaching you. Upgrading looks intimidating initially but really its comfortable once you fiddle with it. You can upgrade turret dps, upgrade their weapons entirely, increase the amount of them, all sorts of fun! Same with ground mice and support turtles.

The turret on the back of the turtle can run auto or under your direct control.

Pretty much you kill everything, build up your defenses, earn income, spend it on further upgrades, go as far in the game as you can, get rewarded for your distance when you die in the form of permanent for all time upgrades to income and dps, and go at it again.

Accomplishing challenges awards optional iap currency, iap currency also chance is earned when not playing the game and occasional world bosses award it as well. IAP currency removes adds, adds lvl 10(best quality) permanent perks to the game, purchases epic heroes (also permanent) and more.

Speaking of Heroes, their new as of this weeks update. One time permanent presence, they gain exp and self level through use. This weeks update massively improved currency gain, dps, perk awards, iap frequency and many other things.

I highly recommend this one, get it now for apple and android.

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