Thursday, May 19, 2016

Titan Quest
6.99usd, 1.32gig download, game center enabled.

Oh man oh man oh man its here! A full blown 50+ hour single player hack'n'slash rpg! The polish on this beast is amazing, definitely stands up nicely next to its PC predecessor. In fact its better in some ways (who knew, analog stick would work so damn nicely!).

This is a hack'n'slash like previously staged so left lower stick is for movement and right lower has attack/interact/loot/talk/everything else. Top left are your health stats and top right is the map. Everything is touch interactive so tapping loot, loots it, tap the map to open it, tap your health bar to see the inventory screen and so on and so forth. Combat is intuitive, tapping the attack button will auto path to near by attack ables which really shines with ranged weapons. Seriously, I enjoyed this games ranged combat 'well enough' on pc but on my tablet? The best!

Killing things gains experience, experience levels you up, every level up you get points to spend on attributes + points to spend in the talent trees. You will eventually take on two classes so there are dozens of possible combinations here. My personal favorite has always been Hunter / Nature for a nice ranged with pet play style.

Graphics are superb, controls are fluid, full voice acting present, this game's only drawback is that it makes me want even more games from the late 90's thru 2k's era on my tablet. You developers have no excuse, this game is proof! Do it now!

NOTE : This is the vanilla release of Titan Quest, it does not include the expansion pack. That's rumored to show later this year so long as this game does well in the mean time.

I can't recommend this one enough, get. It. Now.

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